Caesaria – “you can’t help but dance your hips off”


We recently had the pleasure of interviewing French Electro-Pop band Caesaria :

For those that haven’t heard about the band can you tell us about Caesaria?

Théo: Caesaria is an electro-pop music band. We mix electronic sounds with pop vocal harmonies, and powerful rock guitar riffs. We like to make people dance with upbeat melodies and efficient instrumental parts.

You say you draw your origins from the new English-rock wave, how does this influence your music and the wider french music scene?

Louis: I think we draw our origins from what we’ve been listening to since we were kids. I guess we were all moved and inspired by artists that came from that English-rock wave appeared in the early 90’s, like Supergrass, or Suede. But obviously that came from our parents!

Thomas: Other artists that we all listen to and appreciate came later, I’m thinking about Hot Chip, Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand or the Klaxons for instance. English music has inspired worldwide and we can’t deny it has influenced our music and the global music scene, and it helps and inspires us to create our own identity.

Théo: I think we evolved a lot in our tastes and so did our creations. We also discovered new things arrived from the United States around the same period: LCD Soundsystem has been quite a revolution in the music industry.

Your about to release a new EP “Bring My Ears Back” could you tell us a little bit about the recording of this EP?

Théo: Our 1st EP was very rock. We’ve been meaning to compose with more electronic and modern sounds, which represent better the atmosphere we want to create in our songs. It hasn’t been easy, but eventually we managed to find really cool sounds with bells and old machines. I guess it became our own personal touch, and Bring My Ears Back is the birth of that new sound.

Caesaria 2

What makes a good dance track?

Thomas: That’s the kind of track you just can’t help but dancing your hips off while listening to it.

Louis: Yeah, even if it means you are awfully ashamed of it !

What’s your proudest moment as a band so far?

Thomas: I don’t recall one particular moment. I would say that our favorite thing is performing on stage, so every time we have a chance to do so, that’s a proud moment as a band.

Théo: Yes, and finishing composing a song is also a really cool moment for us.

You’ve played at quite a few festivals, whats been your favourite festival to perform at, any festival moments?

Louis: the festivals Les Eurockéennes de Belfort was quite incredible. The stage was huge, and the place really crowded. It was so cool to perform at a festival in our native city, which is also one of the biggest festivals in France.

Théo: For me it was not at a festival but the concert we opened for the Naïve New Beaters. It was great meeting these guys and we all love what they do.

Thomas: We also had a really good time at the Printemps de Bourges. That day was full of stress because we had to perform twice, on two different stages, with like 20 minutes to move everything from a stage to another. It seemed really complicated at the time but thinking about it now we had a good laugh. And the after party was pretty awesome.

Caesaria 3


How does the french music scene differ to the one we have in England?

Théo: English bands are a lot more free and attached to their independence and singularity than French artists. In France we can see a standardization of styles and kinds of bands whether English artists are all about craving their difference, and be more radical. No wonder why most of the greatest and innovative bands come from England

We are always on the look out for new bands here at Artistic Echoes, do you have anyone you’d recommend?

Louis:  We work with the French label Try&Dye Records, which signed the band YEALLOW. They are quite familiar with England, since they toured here several times. We love their Brit-pop and I think you will too!

Any plans for the summer?

This summer we have to record new songs and prepare a new music video. Lots of actualities are coming by next September, so stay tuned!

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