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When Apple launched its iOS last year, Apple’s ReplayKit offered users the ability to record app and gameplay videos, which could then be shared with their friends as well. This year, Apple launched its iOS 10, where the ReplayKit has been upgraded with a new offering where the games, apps and anything that is there on the screen can be easily streamed. Here are some more details about the live streaming of games.

About ReplayKit –

ReplayKit is a framework through which you can livestream games to both the players and viewers online. Live broadcasting has become the latest trend and it will prove helpful in building communities and creating new fans for the games and apps. You need to have the right knowledge of APIs to include player commentary with a front-facing camera and microphone.


About iOS 10 Beta 2 –

So, how do iPhone users benefit from iOS 10? The user can easily live broadcast both their games & apps and it can also be shared with their peer groups. It is a welcome change as various live streaming enabled apps such as Swift Playgrounds allow users to make a choice from a variety of outside apps that provide broadcasting. Earlier, iOS 10 beta 1 was lacking this functionality. Now iOS Beta 2 has undergone considerable changes and livestreaming is one of the major ones. In the coming months, the users can expect more changes by the developers and public beta testers. Broadcast-ready services such as MobCrush, YouTube, and Twitch along with various others, should be accessible via other apps as long as it has been optimized for ReplayKit Live.


How it functions –

Now comes the burning question, how does this feature actually work? As a user, you need to click the Broadcast Live option, this will take you to a particular section of App Store which will have the games and apps supported by live broadcast. In order to support live broadcasting of apps and games, you need a 64-bit processor. When it comes to iPad, only iPad Air and above models have 64 bit processing, in terms of mobile devices iPhone 5s and above models come with 64 bit processors.

Without a doubt, iPhone users are excited to have this latest feature, especially all those who love to enjoy games on their iPhone and love to share it with their friends.

In the hustle bustle of this new launch, one thing is certain is that ReplayKit is the future of the modern live streaming on iPhones and it makes the broadcasting child’s play. ReplayKit Live will also be of great assistance for the productive apps and provide more opportunities for live technical assistance.

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