We Interview Reverbnation Competition Winners Harry Munk

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Could you tell us a bit about Harry Munk, for people who haven’t heard of you before?

Kyzer– The name Harry Munk represents having courage and confidence in the sense of being who you want to be and standing up for what you believe.

Beccy– We mix together loads of different genres, from Drum and bass to punk. It goes from songs like Babylon that has elements of heavy rock and drum and bass to gypsy queen that has a lighter Spanish feel.

Kev– The thing that I most love about being in Harry munk is that there are no restrictions to which influences and style we use, we just do what we feel.

Kara– Yeah it’s the best, also that we mix electronic beats with live instruments, performing live is awesome!


Who inspired you to get on stage and perform?

Kev– We’ve all been inspired by watching live bands have and a massive love for music in general.

Kara– We’ve all got an amazing relationship as well and inspire each other more than anything.

Kyzer– Elvis

Harry Munk at the chill bar, ilfracombe (1)

Your songs are a heady mix of a variety of genres, how did that come about?

Kyzer– It was kind of an accident. It has happened through wanting to bring out the best in everyone in the band and not restrict them to a certain style or a box they have to fit in.

Kev– As Kyzer said we’ve just got no set game plan or rules as to how a song should sound

Beccy– Yeah we never really know until it’s finished


You are about to release a new album can you tell us about the recording of that?

Kara– We’ve got our own studio and record, mix and produce all of our own music which is great. Since I joined the band last year I’ve learnt so much about all aspects of the music making process. It’s so much better than getting someone else to record and master for us as we’ve got the freedom to experiment and it’s more personal.

Kyzer– We’ve spent most of the year finding our feet and sorting out our live set so that meant writing a lot of new songs.

Kev– Whilst playing live we’ve found a whole new energy this year and now it’s about capturing that in the studio.

Beccy– You can catch a few of our songs that will be on the album on our youtube.

You seem to collaborate with a whole variety of artists, it must be good to work with so many talented musicians?

Kyzer– Yeah it’s been an awesome experience, a lot of these artists have become close friends.  There are more collabs to be announced for the new album!

Harry Munk live at the Southwest Birdman July 2016


The video to Babylon has quite a distinct style, it sort of reminds me of old Prodigy videos, was that the style you were going for?

Kara– We love prodigy

Kev– Yeah we do but it wasn’t intentional, we wanted to capture a dark alternative world with elements of humour and cool effects. And the gas mask man has kind of become my alter ego!


At Artistic Echoes we are always on the look out for new artists do you have any you can recommend?

Kev– There is an up and coming vibrant scene with loads of bands in the southwest now and we big each other up all the time it’s a great community. Two bands that I think are pushing things forward and are a wicked bunch of musicians are Waxx and King Columbus.

Kara- We’ve recorded a couple of tracks with Carlton Brodin from the mighty cosmics, although they’ve been gigging for a while, they’re awesome, check them out!


Do you have any plans for the rest of the summer?

Beccy– We’ve played quite a few gigs and a couple of festivals over July so now we’re concentrating on recording for our album, some songs we are re-recording as well because they’ve developed so much through performing live.

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