My Suicide Attempt: Six Years Later

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So it’s been a while, but I’m back! For me, what I think makes YouTube is the truthful videos around tough emotional and mental health issues that can often help to connect people and make them feel understood.

This time I’m talking of Cole Ledford’s video about this suicide attempt six year ago. As you would expect this must have been a hard video to make and watch. Hearing him describe how he felt and what he did is eye opening and no doubt will do a lot to help people.

It’s a sad fact that in this country suicide is the cause of most deaths among men, especially young ones. We have to be able to talk about the way we feel and the issues we face without being fearful of being seen as weak or less masculine. Being gay was also a factor in his thought process, which is shouldn’t be. It’s so important that we teach kids and future generations that it isn’t wrong to be LGBT+ because too many have lost their lives because of hate and discrimination.

This is YouTube at its best. It connects creator and watcher in a way that can do so much good to make lives better.

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