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Thanks to a few recent gaming conferences and expos, we’ve recently started to get a very good idea of some of the major games that will be coming our way in 2017. There are certainly still a lot of titles we don’t know a lot about yet, but to give you an idea of how exciting the next year in gaming already looks, here are a few that have already caught our attention.


There’s always buzz about a handful of games at the end of E3, and this year Absolver was one of those games. Described in one list of E3’s biggest games as a blend of Dark Souls and Street Fighter, it has a lot going for it among those who enjoy combat gaming and fantasy twists on martial arts. In that regard the game also comes at a pretty convenient time after the somewhat underwhelming release of Street Fighter V and the relegation of most similar games these days to mobile platforms. Absolver is an open world adventure with exploration, RPG, and fighting elements, and it looks stunning. But it’s the style of combat that’s really getting people excited. You can continually teach your character new moves, learning different ways to fight based on the opponents you interact with and the experience you gain.


The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

It’s hard to imagine a more exciting concept than a 2017 Zelda game built for a brand new console. And that’s just what we’ll be getting with The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. While it will be compatible with the Wii U, it’s also been listed as one of the launch titles for the Nintendo NX, which as of now is still shrouded in mystery. We know that the plot for this Zelda game will concern Link awakening from a 100-year sleep to find Hyrule ruined, and an evil being trapped within Hyrule Castle. But it’s the gameplay that’s most exciting. It’s been promised that this will be an open world Zelda game with an atypical (for Zelda games) physics engine that will make characters and environments feel more realistic. It’s a bold decision because it’s so different from past Zelda titles, but it’s definitely an exciting one.

Sea Of Thieves

In case you haven’t noticed, pirate gaming has actually gotten quite popular. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is the primary example but that wasn’t actually the first game, even in that series, to involve piracy and controlling ships on the high seas. Assassin’s Creed Pirates brought similar thrills to mobile devices, alongside a host of additional mobile titles with more cartoonish takes on the genre. Even an online platform for casino games has now expanded to include a pirate-themed game. It’s not uncommon there to see historical characters as backdrops for slot reels and jackpots, but the pirate game is even more colourful than most. Now, enter Sea Of Thieves; a massive new game from Rare that’s looking to make the most of the pirate trend by establishing itself as the gold standard. Beautiful, detailed, and packed with features, this is an open world, essentially MMO game for consoles that allows players to enjoy pretty much every aspect of piracy.

Injustice 2

Say what you will about Warner Bros. and DC on the big screen. Director Zack Snyder and Co. may be struggling to bring a compelling DC Universe to life in film, but Warner Bros. is having no such issue with gaming. Injustice: Gods Among Us was an outstanding console fighter that ultimately became a thrilling mobile game as well, and this is the sequel. In terms of format it’s probably going to be pretty similar, but that ought to be no problem for fans. An updated and upgraded Injustice game sounds like a blast, and the trailers circulating online are pretty mind-blowing.

Scalebound, For Honor, and Horizon Zero Dawn are among the additional titles that look exciting and unique as we forecast 2017. But the games listed above stand out in particular as reasons next year can’t come soon enough.

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