We interview Reverbnation Competition Winners SuperFreaks


Could you tell us a bit about yourselves for those who have not heard of your music before?

We are a few friends who wanted to make indie pop/punk music that also had a big electronic component to it.
We started late in 2011 and by April 2012 had released our first single Trampoline.
Trampoline was played on BBC Introducing The South and since then they have played a few of our releases.
When you’re so close to the music it’s difficult to describe it but we’ve been told that there’s quite an 80’s vibe to it and we’ve also been compared to Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine.

You have some quite striking imagery for the band, how did you come up with The SuperFreaks look?

The look was a bit of an accident really. It started with the avatar image we created for Facebook.
We had also come up with some stage names for the band members and someone suggested creating similar avatars for them all.
When we stared shooting videos, we then decided to make masks of the avatars and wear them.
We all kind of like bands that have a mysterious element to them so now any photos / videos have us heavily disguised in masks and sun-glasses.


Your album “We Are The Enemy” is out now, can you tell us a bit about the recording of that album?

The first album contained songs that had been written over a number of years, so to do ‘We Are The Enemy’
from ‘fresh’ as it were, was a bit more fun.
Most of the songs started with a basic rhythm and feel which we put down in the studio and which kind of organically grew from there.
What resulted is (in our opinion) a much more cohesive piece of work (sorry, that sounds very pretentious!!!).

What is the most interesting venue that you have performed at?

At the moment, The SuperFreaks UK is purely a studio band.
However DJ Pabs and The Professor once played in Germany in a corn field in the middle of nowhere.
Apparently it was so dusty the band’s keyboards stopped working.

When performing live, what do you do to stand out, what makes you different from other bands?

If we were to perform live, we would bring some of the visual imagery that’s in the videos with us.
That would probably make us stand out from the average band (or get us laughed at!!!).

What is the most unusual thing to have happened to you whilst performing or recording?

The most unusual recording experience we’ve had is when we were recording some feedback and it was so loud the sound engineer was worried about upsetting the neighbours!!!


What do you think is missing from today’s music industry?

In our opinion, today’s music industry is too corporate.
Unless you’re someone who actively seeks out music, the music you mainly get to hear is stuff promoted by the big companies.
That makes it difficult for the likes of us to get heard and is why we are so grateful to the likes of you for featuring us.
It also means people are missing out on some great music!!!

What are your favourite tracks that people might not have heard of and why?

OK, thinking about this question makes us realize why we may have a bit of an 80’s influence.

These are from the late 70s / early 80s:

Ultravox – Young Savage (Like this because of it’s immense energy. This is Ultravox with John Foxx and not Midge Ure. They did 3 albums with John Foxx and they are all great).

Human League – Empire State Human (Great bit of LoFi synth pop. This was before the girls joined. They did 2 albums without the girls and they are both good).

Magazine – Permafrost (Nice combination of electronic and guitar with a fab solo by John McGeoch).

What plans do you have for the rest of the year?

Later this year we will be releasing the third single from ‘We Are The Enemy’ and shooting a video for it.
We have also started on, and will continue to work on, recording the third album.

Find out more:

Web: www.thesfuk.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thesuperfreaksuk

Twitter: @SuperFreaksUK

Instagram: www.instagram.com/thesuperfreaksuk

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