In The Cellar – St. Yesterday

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In a society full of plastic smiles and perfect tans, the golden age of rock stars has long since grown stale.
Armed with an underground army of punks, rebels, and outcasts these aptly named “Saints”, stand together as the style and voice of a new generation.

From the energetic performance on stage to the powerful melody driven songs – each concert is as unique and unforgettable as the group themselves.

Formed 2009 in Southern, Ontario – the group quickly gained a loyal following for their outrageous style and swashbuckling attitude. Following an almost complete line up change less than a year later, the group landed a supporting role on tour with Canadian punk icons “Die Mannequin” and was featured on pop-radio station B101 (CIQB FM).

“He [Danny Payne] kept me on the edge of my seat the entire show, I didn’t want him to stop! A fine representation of Canadian talent.” – Ben Mulroney, ETalk

“There seems to be a spark in St.Yesterday that is missing in most of their contemporaries. And it’s because they seem to have more heartfelt passion running through their musical arrangements than almost anyone else.” – JamSphere

Led by international rising star Danny Payne and sinners in arms Jack Panic & Felix Foxtail, the trio effortlessly commands questionable spectacles both on and off the stage.
Combined with limitless energy and a unique brand of humour, the band’s larger than life performance continues to capture hearts across the globe.

Band consists of

Danny Payne: Front Person, Vocalist, Bassist, Songwriter
Jack Panic: Backup Vocalist, Guitarist, Songwriter
Felix Foxtail: Backup Vocalist, Guitarist, Songwriter
Chase Burns: Drummer

Check out their lyric video Falling below


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