Donald Trump Lies Uncovered! Presidential Debate 2016

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The time has finally arrived! The run up to the US Presidential Election has started and somehow beyond any sense of credibility Mr Trump is running for president.

This video from Riyadh K discusses the recent first election debate, adding a very welcome comedy outlook on the proceeding. As Riyadh and various examples over the last months have shown, Trump is liar and manipulator. Saying what he thinks when he pleases and then denying them when he called up about them, which Riyadh does several times. For me, the idea that someone who seems determined to offend very minority and ethnicity and promise nothing concrete has been able to get it this far. It really worries me that he could actually win. He didn’t even show respect for the moderator.

Hilary Clinton, may have her controversies, but surely anyone can see she is the best of two evils if you see her in that way. I really enjoyed Riyadh’s montage of her making sassy put downs to Trump. Hilary is someone who has the experience, the respect and liberalism that the president of the US should be. I really hope that US does make the right decision but otherwise we’ll probably all doomed to be honest.

The fact that Trump is even involved and that the republican party has allowed him to represent them just shows how much a show politics is at the moment. I can see that some people who feel distant from the government may see Trump as a rebel trustworthy. But someone who encourages violence at his rallies, uses immigrants as scapegoats to entice hate and will no doubt put the needs of the rich before the poor should not be put into a position of such power.

When they vote, America will make history, but hopefully that’ll be for the first female president and not for electing the worst person possible.

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