7 Different Types of Online Bingo Games

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Online bingo is an accessible, fun and social pastime that millions of people around the world indulge in every day. To keep everybody entertained, the industry has come up with a variety of bingo games each with their own particular flare and appeal. Here are seven of the most popular variants you can play online:

Deal or No Deal Bingo

Based on the incredibly popular television game show, Deal or No Deal Bingo is very similar to 90-ball bingo in that cards are made up of 3 rows featuring five numbers each and nine columns. However, in DoND Bingo you must choose a numbered box at the beginning of the game and there are four prizes up for grabs as opposed to three. Players are rewarded for one line, two lines, a full house and the Deal of No Deal feature, though a player must get a full house before being eligible for the latter feature.

When the DoND feature is offered to a player, they must choose whether to take home the jackpot on offer or to see what prize lies within the box they chose at the beginning. This form of bingo is very popular online and can be found on sites such as bgo which has a welcome bonus of £40 when you make a first deposit of £10.

Joker Bingo


“Joker” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by cursedthing

Unlike conventional bingo, Joker Bingo features playing cards instead of numbers in a 3 x 3 grid. Each game features a group of 6 hands and prizes are dished out depending on the number of decks purchased for every game. Usually there are two types of prizes on the line: one for the player who calls bingo on the letter ‘J’ and one for the player who covers all their cards.

30-Ball Bingo

Although 30-ball bingo is somewhat less common than its larger counterparts, this version of bingo is great for anyone who enjoys a fast-paced, high-energy game. As the name suggests, there are just 30 balls and cards are laid out in a 3 x 3 grid. Players must get each number and whoever manages to do this first wins.

75 US Bingo


“Usa” (CC BY 2.0) by Moyan_Brenn

Before the Internet, 75-ball bingo was best known in the USA though it is now popular on sites across the globe. That said, there is still a distinctive genre of 75-ball bingo known as 75 US Bingo, 75 Pattern Bingo or 75 Variant Bingo. Usually there are three chances to win in Pattern Bingo, either with one line, the pattern or the coverall.

75 UK Bingo

Like 75 US Bingo, 75 UK Bingo is made up of 75 balls divided into a 5 x 5 grid. Instead of looking for a pattern to appear in the numbers that are called, 75 UK Bingo players are aiming for a coverall or ‘Full House’ win. Occasionally, these games are split into four lines so five players can win, one for each line and another for a full house.

80-Ball Bingo

This bingo game and its rules are pretty universal. Cards for 80-ball bingo are set in a 4 x 4 grid filled with 16 numbers, and players must cover singular rows and/or their entire card to win. This form of bingo is also known as Speed Bingo and is best suited for hardcore bingo fans.

90-Ball Bingo


(Source: http://kaboompics.com/one_foto/864/close-up-of-woman-typing-on-keyboard-of-laptop)

Last but certainly not least, there’s the most popular bingo game of all: 90-ball bingo. In fact, if you spend a lot of time playing online bingo then chances are you’ve played more 90-ball games like Peggy’s Place on bgo than any other type of bingo. More often than not, cards feature 3 rows with 5 numbers each and 9 columns. Players are rewarded when they cover one line, two lines or get a full house.

As bingo becomes an increasingly popular section of the online gaming industry, we’re excited to see what other forms of bingo will appear on our favourite bingo sites.

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