Top 6 Amazing Games to Play on Your PlayStation VR

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The PlayStation VR headset was launched together with a huge lineup of games. The aim was to have a huge shift in the way video games are played and a massive virtual reality revolution. The headset is comfortable and usable when you are wearing glasses. The PlayStation VR Headsets are available at a cost of £349.99. Various launch bundles offer you the headset; two Move Controllers, PlayStation Camera, Playroom VR digital download along with PlayStation VR Worlds.

How to get started

You need a PlayStation 4 and a compulsory item the PlayStation Camera. To control games you can use the DualShock 4 pad and for more sophisticated motion controls Move Controllers are used. You can make use of binaural 3D audio by plugging your headphones directly into the headset.

PlayStation VR Games

PlayStation VR comes along with a demo disc in the box that contains 18 games in US and 10 in Europe. With the headset, you can also play non-PlayStation VR games using the Cinematic mode. Some games are built specifically for Virtual Reality and some are PS4 titles with a VR mode. The games are available at different prices. According to Fusecrunch technology news, the PlayStation VR has made its name in gaming due to its stylish, comfortable headset.

Here are the 6 most exciting games to play on your Play Station VR handset:

  1. Batman Arkham VR

This is a new game from Rocksteady Studios. It is an adventure where you walk in Batman’s shoes. In this game, Batman uses his skills as a detective. As you start the game you put on the Batsuit and admire yourself in the mirror, you are then required to explore iconic locations such as The Batcave and Wayne Manor. It takes around one hour to complete the game. It is available on Amazon and PlayStation for £15.99.

SAN DIEGO, CA - JULY 20: 'Batman: Arkham' VR player attends Comic-Con International 2016 preview night on July 20, 2016 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Matt Cowan/Getty Images)

SAN DIEGO, CA – JULY 20: ‘Batman: Arkham’ VR player attends Comic-Con International 2016 preview night on July 20, 2016 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Matt Cowan/Getty Images)

  1. Tumble VR

Is a puzzle game that revolves around stacking and unstacking piles of objects with different weights, mirror laser beams around a course and to demolish 3D shapes’ groups. The Dualshock pad and Move Controllers allow you to control the game. It becomes more complex as you progress through the game whereby you will be required to build quickly. To play this game you need to be patient and have a steady hand. It allows for both single and multiplayer. It is cheap and oddly relaxing and is available on Amazon and Supermassive Games at a price of £7.99.

  1. RIGS Mechanised Combat League

This is an action game in a fast-paced arena sport. It entails 3-on-3 players steering giant mechs to accumulate most points in five minutes. It consists of three types of play which are awarding points for scoring a goal, for the kills made and charging up your mech with take downs and then leaping through a central ring. It has customizable options or your pilot and rig. The game has a seated mech cockpit that suits VR. It is at this point you are required to turn your head and aim. You will have to choose from football modes, 24 RIGS, and a death match. It is available on Amazon and PlayStation at a cost of £37.99.

  1. The London Heist (VR Worlds)

It is set in the gritty criminal underworld of London. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes. It comprises of five demos; one being a Danger Ball which is said to be most enjoyable. This game allows you to utilise the Move Controllers in both hands for added realism. With this, you can smoke a cigar, reload your gun manually with clips, hang out of windows or duck for cover. It is available at £24.99 on Amazon and PlayStation.

  1. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Is a horror game where you have the scares and lols factors. At difficult levels, you should stick one of your mates into this first person survival horror shooter. All you are supposed to do is to watch them jump. If you are scared of zombies, clowns or old timely theme parks, definitely this game is not the best for you. It is available at a price of £14.99 on Amazon and Supermassive Games.

  1. Super Stardust

This game has 9 classic modes, and a special zone of Invasion in VR mode which put you in a pit. At this point, you are supposed to shoot down enemies, pick up weapons and powers while avoiding space debris. With this game, you can replay it again in order to get high scores. It is available on PlayStation and Amazon at a price of £14.00.

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