We interview Reverbnation Competition Winners By Starlight


For those of you who haven’t heard of By Starlight can you tells us about yourselves?

 Ivo: We are a trio, which not only brings together different cultures from the different parts of the world, but also crossfades all of our disparate influences that shape the sound of By Starlight. You can hear this musical versatility with the static and linear groove of All Gone taken straight from my love for Prodigy, merged with the dark and melancholic singing of Sara inspired by Courtney Love.

Who’s inspired you to get onstage?

 SaraMusically definitely Smashing Pumpkins i would say but as a musician probably Melissa auf der Maur! She had the perfect combination of cool and charisma and rocking out!

Do you think being in a band led by a singer bassist influences the sound and style of your music?

 MartinoThere’s a stark simplicity to starting a song with the bass. If the basis of a song is built around bass and vocals, it leaves other instruments space to create a mood through counter-melodies, accenting or just make a racket in the knowledge that the bass and vocals will carry the song through.


What is the most interesting venue you have played at?

 IvoWe are only in the beginning of our journey, so the list of the venues we’ve played in is not that long, but some of my favourites were the O2 Islington and the more recent one – The Garage, because of their underground vibe, which suits our raw sound. It’s important to mention that we take every gig and every venue with the same approach, regardless of its capacity.

You recently recorded an EP…

 IvoWe recorded the 4 songs in the very inspiring underground environment of Toy Box studios in Bristol using the very experienced rock background of Paul Corkett. Recording this EP was a very cathartic experience for the band, because it brought us closer together with each other and our music. You often think you know your own music, but when you go through the recording process, you concentrate much deeper in each element of your own sound and performance as well as the one of the other band members.


What do you think makes a good grunge band?

 SaraA good grunge band doesn’t really know they’re grunge; they just do what they do as hard as they can but usually with a more raw feel which is kinda missing from music these days. They used to be like little gangs in the 90s and a lot of people related to their attitude and feel.

Do you think the grunge scene is making a comeback?

 MartinoSome newer bands I’ve found exciting lately credit Nirvana, the Pumpkins etc as being a big influence even though not all of them sound like traditional grunge bands. I think there’s a hint of the grunge attitude and aesthetic in bands like Diiv, Jaws, Darlia, Sunflower Bean and other newer acts. 

What are your favourite tracks people have not heard and why?

 IvoTheres a great band called The Black Swells from Bulgaria -you should check them out! Very intriguing, dark and psychedelic, with a hint of The Doors. My second choice would be Nerve with Jojo Mayer.

What do you have planned for rest of 2017?

SaraGigging gigging gigging and def more recording!

Find out more:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bystarlightmusic/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ByStarlightRock

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/by-starlight

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