Taylor Jahn previews his new EP. El Dusty home from the Latin Grammys

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Taylor Jahn is a troubadour, creator of palatable melodies, zealot of fine craft brews and all things Portland. Presently recording and performing in LA he has been influenced by current artists like Sara Bareilles, Coldplay, Lorde, Mary Lambert and others. His songs span genres from pop to country to singer/songwriter to rock. His first single, Hideaway is now out and his first EP will drop in January.

El Dusty returns to Music FridayLive! on his way from Las Vegas and the Latin Grammys, heading toward a concert in LA.  Raised  in Corpus Christi, the Texas producer, DJ, and nu-cumbia pioneer translates the South  Texas border experience into barrio anthems with a sampler and chopped clips of Latin music history.  Following the success of his single “K Le Pasa,”  El Dusty released the Trapanera EP, the first of his collaborative projects since signing with Universal Records AfterCluv division.  Following the success of the record, El Dusty created PRODUCE®, a multi-disciplinary production/design house where he produced “K Le Pasa.” and houses Chicas Rock, a non-profit after school program dedicated to building girls’ self-esteem through music creation and performance. Hopefully he will appear with a Latin Grammy in his hand.

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