Aspiring bands to watch out for in 2017


Everyone knows that things go in cycles, it’s  the same with music. Every genre and style of music that was created throughout history won’t be forgotten and one day will be back again. We can witness a similar situation today as many genres that were popular in the eighties are coming back to conquer the hearts of music lovers worldwide. In this light, it’s not surprising that some bands will gain the same level of popularity as their idols did. So here comes a list of bands that are destined to be popular and gain a cult following in today’s music scene.

The Japanese House

Amber Bain, largely known under The Japanese House moniker, is one of the most promising performers within the British indie scene. She manages to combine dream-pop with electronic music creating ethereal landscapes spiced with melancholic vocals. The Japanese House brings back elements of such bands like Slowdive and the Cure in a more modern way, which makes Amber Bain one of those performers who blend the achievements of modern electronic music with traditions of post-punk bands of the past.  One may say, that The Japanese House is a successful attempt to create an example of electronic shoegaze. By all means, such combination is destined to be a future cult of the modern indie scene.

The Amazons

The Amazons are an alternative rock band from the UK, who are based in Reading. With their latest single called Junk Food Forever; they managed to perform brilliantly at several well-known festivals in the UK and they are on their way to become Britain’s new rock heroes. Their style is a very successful mix of grunge and indie rock with a little touch of brit pop. Given that classic rock bands are becoming more and more popular these days, the Amazons have the potential to be a whole generation’s new obsession, just like Oasis were in the past. Don’t miss a chance to check out a band that can surely create a new trend in modern rock music.


There is no secret that Manchester is the birthplace of many cult rock bands of the past. The Cultural significance of this city can hardly be overestimated. Even today it has a band to offer, and this band is called Cabbage. This new and aspiring team has all the potential to become messiahs of the new wave of post-punk that is emerging these days. This  five-piece band has breathed new life into a style of music that changed the perception of punk rock in the 80’s and made it popular again. Their sound bears heritage of such bands like Joy Division and Public Image Ltd., so hurry to check Cabbage tour dates if you don’t want to miss this promising band that will surely take you back to 80’s.


Mannequin is a band that plays rather a fresh mix of grunge, psychedelic rock and punk rock. They come from Nottingham and the band’s latest EP entitled Nobody’s Listening brought them fame of one of the most dedicated followers of such bands as Dinosaur Jr. and Melvins. Mannequin has all the possibilities to become a band that can link modern day alternative rock with more metal influenced music, as their intense and powerful rhythm section together with grunge riffs bring back the sound of Seattle like it was at the beginning of the 90’s.  If they keep evolving their style further, we will certainly hear of them in the future.

Future Shinjuku

Future Shinjuku is a psychedelic rock band from Nottingham, United Kingdom. Their sound is a unique blend of psychedelic rock and noise rock. If one can imagine Hawkwind playing Sonic Youth covers, this will be the best description for Future Shinjuku’s music. There are not many bands around that can restore such sound in modern times, but Future Shinjuku really manages to do it brilliantly. In case they continue to develop a style of their own, the band can gain popularity both within noise rock and art post-rock fans worldwide as a perfect example of crossover rock band. Check out their Red Dot album to see for yourself.

Field Studies

Field Studies are an art rock band that comes from Nottinghamshire, England. Their music is heavily influenced by David Bowie and such bands as Roxy Music. An EP entitled Rainmaking possesses all the classical elements of art-rock with its special English taste. Field Studies’ sound appears to be very trendy now as more and more musicians and fans tend to get interested in old classic rock bands thus starting some kind of a revival of traditional rock music of Britain.  Field Studies are an outstanding band among the modern post-rock bands mainly because of incorporation of art-rock elements to their sound. Not many bands around are capable of daring to do such experiments these days.

April Towers

April Towers are a synth-pop band from Nottingham whose music is heavily influenced by Depeche Mode. Their mixture of electronic music and rock with catchy melodies and grooving rhythms is a breath of fresh air into modern day pop music. Just like their inspiration from Basildon, April Towers offer a really fresh and outgoing material which will certainly find its listener both among rock fans as well as fans of retro wave music which is becoming more and more popular today. That is why April towers have a potential to lead the genre into global popularity again, as it was in the 80’s.


New bands are rising every day and in any style of music. The bands we’ve mentioned in this article are under a strong influence of many different bands and singers. But the point is that the main goal of each of them is to influence others, to leave their trace in music history and to become famous. It will not take long that these bands are known far beyond Great Britain. 2017 is going to be their year!


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