Picked up guitars as teens and never stopped: Natalie Gelman & Shelby Lanterman

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Shelby Lanterman is a singer-songwriter from Napa, CA, who was exposed to all forms of  music – rock & roll,  pop, blues, Americana —  by her parents practically from the day she was born. So it is not surprising that, at the age of 12 she picked up the guitar, learned Garage Band, and started playing her own shows, and at 16 was writing and singing her own songs.  There was no stopping her. She went on to play Hollywood’s Roxy Theater, the Bottle Rock Festival, Sweetwater Music Hall, the Uptown Theater, Silo’s and many more venues.  She opened for artists like Bob Mould, Lisa Loeb, among many others. If that wasn’t enough, she started producing the Emerging Artist Series at City Winery, attended the Dark Horse Institute inNashville and earned a degree in audio engineering and worked with musicians from all over the country. Her debut album. Paper Thin, an earnest album of carefully crafted folk rock stories, is now available.

Raised in the old West Village, NYC, Natalie Gelman grew up amidst artists and true bohemians, which may be why she borrowed a friends guitar at 16, started writing songs and never looked back.  From busking on subway to touring Europe, she has crisscrossed more than one country captivating tourists, straphangers and audiences with her powerful voice, deep-heart stories and witty humor. She continues to play what she calls her favorite stage – the subway – while also performing at the House of Blues, Webster Hall and festivals across the country. And no wonder;  Gelman is often compared to Sheryl Crow, Jewel and Joni Mitchell, for her timeless music and honest songs that make her a modern day troubadour.  Whether it is Live in London or Sundance in Your Eyes, her albums make you long to stand in front on her in a train station and just absorb the power of her heart.

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