Top 10 Mobile Technology Trends To Watch For In 2017

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In 2016 we witnessed various new and groundbreaking technologies related to the smartphones. Things will only get better in 2017 and there is a lot in store for us. Mobile technology is surely redefining the way we live and our experiences. Let us get familiar with the mobile technology trends that we all will witness in 2017.

Electrovibration Technology

With the help of electrovibration technology, the overall mobile touchscreen experience will undergo a dramatic change. One of the best things that will happen is that you will actually get to experience varied forms of texture. Just think of a situation where you are shopping online for your favourite dress and you can feel the texture and quality of the cloth.

Intensive research work is underway to develop touchscreens that help you to feel the texture. While this modern technology should have arrived by now but there are some delays in the overall process, but as per the tech experts, this technology will be soon launched on a large scale across all mobile phones.

Through electrostatic charges, your brain will be fooled into feeling the texture of the dress; all you need is to touch the screen of your mobile. One of the leading manufacturers of mobile – Apple is also currently working on this technology. This technology also has social benefits; it will also benefit blind people as they can use this technology for Braille and use smartphones like everybody else.

Speech-to-Speech Translation

It was in 2012 when Microsoft exhibited the speech-to-speech translation and now real-time multilingual conference calls will finally be a reality in 2017. IBM has also confirmed that they will open its Watson supercomputing platform for third-party developers. With this, apps based on language processing features can be easily made. Envisage talking about different matters around the world with a single tap on your smartphone, in different languages without having to have a translator by your side.

Multihop Relay Networks

Multihop relay networks will actually replace the technologies like LTE and WiMax. With Multihop relay networks, wireless signals can easily route on their own via a sequence of access points. Pretty much like the internet, the route taken by the data is variable and will be dependent on different conditions.

The network will look for the best possible route and also the best transmission mode. Ad hoc is a variant of multihop relay network but it will be launched in the later stages. This technology will help the data to be relayed amongst the devices. In other words, it can be said that your smartphone will be a movable access point as well.

Less Power Hungry Mobile Chips

The tech industry has been talking about smaller and powerful chips that require less charging. In 2017, we all can see smaller and powerful chips. One of the well-known companies, Intel has started putting more transistors on the chips, therefore making them more powerful than before. One of the spokespersons from Intel said that it will take some time to bring about the changes.

Foldable Displays

As far as the new smartphones are concerned, wearability and flexibility are the two terms that most of the users are looking for. Thanks to OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology, be prepared to witness foldable mobile screens. So, now you can enjoy your favourite movie on your smartphone and you can easily fold it to pocket size. With the help of this technology, you will also witness the popularity of thin screens that supports projection from both sides of the screen. Using this technology, you and your friend can easily watch your favourite movie and images simultaneously.

Wireless Charging

As per a survey, draining battery is one of the common issues faced by the smartphone users. On a daily basis, a smartphone is used for playing hi-def games, playing videos, listening to songs, and using heavy apps, owing to which the battery takes a toll. Some of the users have even revealed that they need to charge their smartphones every single day.

There has been a buzz in the mobile industry that mobile phones can be charged through walking or even tapping on the screen. Your body heat can also prove helpful in charging your smartphones. In 2017, we can see an ultra-rapid charger that will charge your mobile in mere 30 seconds. You may also see a futuristic trend where you can charge your gadget by just connecting another gadget without needing a cable.

Centralized Storage

With the help of fast and omnipresent wireless access, you can have centralised storage on the remote services. You no longer have to keep those heavy files & other data on your smartphone as you can keep your phone data at one centralised server.

Mobile Security

Mobile security is one of the major issues for any smartphone user. As per the industry experts, future smartphones will be made as safe as possible. When your phone is near your ear, your ear canal is different from other and this will be judged by your smartphone, this is one form of biometrics.

Likewise, everybody’s voice is also different. Or perhaps your smartphone will distinguish blood vessel patterns in your ear. New levels of biometrics will be launched in 2017.


If you like to store movies, games, music, apps, or any other important data on your smartphone, then you need to have extra storage. In 2017, that is what most of the smartphones will provide – Extra Storage. At the moment, the maximum storage that you get is 256 GB and for SD card it is 512 GB, but SanDisk is coming up with their new SD card – SDXC offering 1TB of storage space. There are no details released from the company side, but the company is surely going to launch in 2017.

Hydrogen Cell

With the help of the Hydrogen Cell, you can easily use your smartphone for weeks and above all, you don’t need to charge it. Apple, Aquafairy, Kyoto University and ROHM semiconductors are making their best efforts to bring this technology in 2017. Once this technology arrives, it is surely going to be a big boon for the smartphone users.

Wrap up

There is no doubt that in 2016 we witnessed some of the best gadgets, exhibiting the real power of advanced technology. But, in 2017 things are going to get more serious and the technology is all set to take a giant leap and this year has surely some great surprises for us.

Emma Brown is a writer by profession. She has done Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication. A voracious reader, she has written several articles for sites like Qwikfix and newspapers like The Telegraph. She loves traveling and photography.

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