We interview Reverbnation Competition Winner Geoff Green


For those people that haven’t heard of you could you tell us a bit about yourself your story?

The truth is its been a bit of a whirlwind, In the last 18 months. I have gone from one love to another, Sport being something which I was primarily focused on, Swimming, Triathlon, Athletics and windsurfing and surfing. All of which being something of a passion of mine to focussing on to another passion, Music! Music has always been sitting there in the background. Always wanting to do, but never really thought I was good enough to do. But after a recent house move to Beverley East Yorkshire which has a really strong music scene. Especially for singer/songwriters, Watching all the other local artists and performers was somewhat of an inspiration.

Your relatively new to performing, what inspired you to get on stage and perform?

This may sound a bit strange but it was pure chance! You could describe us as a sporting family, so in a roundabout way it was due to that which lead me in to this. I was collecting my two eldest children from a swimming club which they attend for 2 hours on a Tuesday evening 7-9pm (plus the compulsory half hours it takes them to get ready) Well after collecting them one evening, I dropped into the Sun Inn, my local Pub. As I ordered our drinks, they were taking names for open mic performers, and the organiser (Roy Wild) asked if I fancied getting up. Being somewhat egged on by my 2 eldest (Taylor and Blossom) I asked if I could borrow a Guitar (to which the answer was yes) So I got up and knocked out 2 covers, a couple songs by 2 my all-time favourite artists, Ray Lamontagne and Tracy Chapman, So once finished, I breathed a sigh of relief, and made my way for the exit when I was stopped by a lady by the name of Helen Baldwin (who at the time worked for a local radio station called Beverley FM), She asked me where I had been gigging an playing. To which I explained that was the first time ever in public. She also asked if I wrote any original material, my reply being no, But she passed me her details regardless and said should I decide to write my own material to get in touch. This conversation took place just Before Christmas 2015. News years Day 2016 (2 weeks later) I decided to write my first track Called Forever Young whilst in the process of potty training my youngest Monty. Dropped her a line and the rest is history so they say.

You came to our attention through Reverbnation and your track Relax Rewind (Feed My Soul) could you tell us a bit about the writing and recording of that track?

Again Helen Baldwin had a big part in this process. I wrote this song early 2016, I tend not to write lyrics, I choose to record them, which is what I did with Relax Rewind, After recording something on a video camera, which was at the time essentially a work in progress. I played it back, I thought this isn’t too shabby and stuck it up on facebook, Helen Spotted this and introduced me to my now good friend Steve Mcmanus of Mclind studios. Steve kindly agreed to produce the track and we arranged a date in which to record it. Having not been into a studio before. I was not sure what to expect. I can only give praise to Steve for making me feel so at home. Which is what I feel that ultimately helped to making the track what it turned out to be. Its all well and good having good ideas and good songs, But sometimes it takes the influence of others to make them realise their potential. Which is what Steve did.

Growing up who were the artists that influenced you the most, what was the first album that really resonated with you?

My early years were spent in a house growing up with 3 older sisters. So even though the eighties were a relatively short period of my life the music still resonates with me. The likes of Wham, Depech Mode, Erasure are all strong influences. My most formative years (teenage years) were spent in the height of the Brit pop indie era, Blur, Oasis, Shed seven, Stone Roses along with the likes of Jamiroquai, Nirvana. Album wise, Blur Parklife is write up their. Just love the lyrics. Also Nirvana Unplugged, Style wise for me and the way write Jack Johnson, Tracy Chapman and Ray Lamontagne hold a strong influence

Last November you played at Hull War Child Music Festival, your latest track Dry Your Eyes, focuses on those that are affected most by war, could you tell us a bit about this track?

The truth is I am the first one to ignore all the horrible images of war torn countries where tragedies are happening, especially when it comes to children. I have 4 of my own, so seeing those sorts of things, I find difficult to both watch and except. When I was asked to perform at the War Child Music festival, it made me face some of my own fears head on. I did not want to turn up play and perform without understanding the turmoil which others have suffered. I wanted to write a song which would resonate with the people who attended and cared about the cause, So I wrote a song called Don’t Let It Go penned about a week before (as yet unrecorded and not yet performed live) But hours before I performed I came up with a new chord melody to which lyrics just flowed without effort. 3 hours later I performed my latest song Dry Your Eyes. Almost sounds perfect. But not quite. I bust 2 strings during the performance, The G and the top E, but as I decided to loop the song. by the time they bust the loop was already set. But the seed was planted for this song so I wanted record it and make sure this song sounded the same as the way it was played live, So I sought out the help of my now good friend John Cox of Urban Rain. Who captured exactly what I was looking for! something that felt real and not contrived.

What is your favourite venue to perform at?

I have been lucky enough over the past 18 months to play at various venues both big and small. But the truth is it’s the venues where I am not getting paid to play where I enjoy performing the most. The reason being, for me music is at its best when its raw and new. So when I write a song and perform it at the Monks Walk For Eg, which is a purely acoustic open mic, and tends to be attended by lots of talented performers (original singer/songwriters and poets) everyone is equal. We are all there to present a small piece of our heart.

Are there any upcoming artists that you have heard of or have performed with that really stand out?

I know lots of supper talented people. But the truth is we are all at different stages in our careers. So taking that in to consideration, my good friend Mark Rowland, AKA Rowland is a performer and song writer of the highest calibre. I look at some of the people and the music which is currently taking the charts by storm, and think to my self surely it only a matter of time before this young man does.

What is your proudest moment as a musician so far?

2 Moments spring to mind. The 1st being When I was informed/accepted to play at the Humber Street Festival, Now many people will not of heard of this, but it’s a festival for the people, and by the people! with a multitude of different genres of music all performed on various stages. So being asked to headline one of the stages was indeed a pleasure. Big thanks to Mark Page! (organiser) 32,000 attended that day give or take a few people (August 2016).

The 2nd was receiving an email from Rick Witter (front man of Shed 7) saying that he had heard my track Relax Rewind and thought it was pretty cool, and he was going to play it on his show on Minster FM. This meant a lot to me because this is someone who I respected and listened to as I was growing up. So to get the email from him and not the station meant a lot

What do you have planned for the rest of the year?

My plan is to record as much as possible this year, I have enough material for 2 albums, but I would like to record all of it and go through it and cherry pick the best to make one great album which I can walk away and be proud of. Live performance wise I am constantly updated things on my social media for my next live performances. I have been given the opportunity of some big things abroad for late this summer. So watch this space!

Find out more:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/n01surfbum
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/No1GeoffGreen/
Reverbnation: https://www.reverbnation.com/geoffgreen
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-764081867
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/n01surfbum

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