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While you still get a music player with an iPhone most people have a disliking for the player. Well, according to me it is not that best music player out there at the moment. The App Store is full of various other music players for iPhone that are far more superior than its inbuilt music player and above all offer a wide range of features as well.

So, without any further ado, allow me to discuss best music players for your iPhone.


Trust me, if anyone has to mention or advise anyone on a third party music player then everyone seems to recommend – Cesium. The music player is great and this is the reason I have placed on the top position. It automatically hooks up with your music library and shows you the songs in an attractive yet simple interface. All those songs that are not on your iPhone but they are on iCloud Music Library can also be downloaded. However, if you are not interested in seeing iCloud items, then you can simply turn off the option from the settings.

In addition, you also get the convenience of swipe gestures with the app. You just need to use your fingers to swipe right or left to discover a myriad of functions for the swiped item and a long swipe can be used for Play All. If you want to shuffle the current queue, all you need is to shake your iPhone. The app also has a night mode and I personally like this feature and the settings allow you to do various other customisations.

Marvis Music Player

This particular app for iPhone packs in a unique design and some interesting features, therefore enhancing your overall listening experience. Your favourite music will be organised by five categories – Playlists, Songs, Artists, Genres, and Albums. With its large buttons, it makes it easier for you to control the playback and it also comes in handy in easy navigation of the app. The best thing about the app is that it is fast and responsive.

If also offers the support for synced lyrics if you have installed Musixmatch. I wish that Marvis had its own lyric support but anyways I don’t think most people care about lyrics while listening to their favourite music. The app also lets you swipe between the screens; this is surely a handy feature. If you are looking for a replacement of the Apple Music App, then go for Marvis Music Player, it won’t disappoint you.

Boom Music Player

 If you are looking for customisability, then I would recommend Cesium, but Boom Music Player certainly gains an edge over Cesium in various departments. If you are a hardcore music lover, then you will know the significance of equalisers and trust me this app offers predefined equalisers, on top of that you have customisable 5.1 surround sound feel as well. You also have the option of choosing the type of headphones, you are using, for the app in the settings. It also comes with 3-D Virtual Surround Audio Engine, letting you enjoy 3-D surround sound experience.

You not only enjoy music from your phone’s library but you can also access your favourite songs from Google Drive and Dropbox. Moreover, you can also download them if you are interested in storing them on your phone. As far as the interface is concerned, it is clean and the app takes you through the key UI elements, so it gets easier to start off. I am really impressed the way app displays playing music, moreover, you can also swipe left and right if you are looking to change the tracks. You have the provision of using sound effects free of cost for five days.


I am quite impressed by the app’s UI, coloured profiles, and attractive dark and light mode. What makes this app more interesting is the fact that it is gesture controlled, helping you to enjoy your favourite music while you are driving.

Gestures really come handy as you are not directly looking at the screen while you are driving. Using the gestures, you can easily change the song and adjust the volume as well. The user interface of the app can easily recognise and adjusts automatically to the environment. So, it’s nor too dark or nor too bright, but always just the right. However, this app has a drawback i.e. you won’t be able to choose a playlist you want the app to play.

Free Music Cloud App

This one is more than just a music player for your iPhone. This app is built in a way that it can easily download your favourite music from Dropbox and Google Drive accounts. If unfortunately, your phone is out of space, then you don’t need to worry as you can store your music to your cloud storage. Afterward, you can download the songs you want to listen to at a particular moment.

The app is also capable of syncing your library with your Dropbox account and updates your music collection following the addition of new tracks to Dropbox. All in all, Free Music Cloud app, along with its light and trendy UI, is a strong contender if you are not happy with your Apple Music App.


Loaded with a wide variety of features, it is a free music player for your iPhone. Just like Cesium, this music player also hooks up automatically with your music library, including the songs that are present in your iCloud Music Library and you can enjoy them any moment you want. The music player comes with a dark interface and Now Playing offers you some cool options including customizable sound effects, an equalizer, and a sleep timer.

One of the cool features of the app is that it lets you create a server; it offers you the convenience to be used on your personal computer and you can easily upload files directly to your iPhone. However, there are no passwords involved here and anyone who is familiar with the IP address of your iPhone can upload anything on your iPhone.


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