Jenny and the Mexicats: on tour but happy to stop by and chat

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Jenny and the Mexicats, mix the rhythms of jazz, rockabilly, folk, flamenco, reggae, country and cumbia into a sound that is high-octane, exciting and completely unique.  Led by Jenny Ball and her trumpet, the Mexicats cross themes, styles, and countries with ease. Their name comes from the Spanish madrileños –  slang for cats, mixing their Spanish-Mexican-British heritage. Jenny began playing the trumpet at aged 7 and writing songs at 15 as she taught herself the guitar. The band began as Zoot and Princess in 2008  when Jenny moved to Spain after being invited by double bass player Icho, whom she had met earlier. Icho added flamenco guitarist Pantera (who also played rockabilly) and Spanish cajon player David – thus Jenny and the Mexicats was born. Their first album, Jenny and the Mexicats produced in English and Spanish,  went gold. Their second album Ome, jammed with high–energy dance tunes, was used in the soundtrack of Manolo Caro film  Love of My Loves. The band is currently based in Spain and Mexico City and is now on a world tour with stops in Colorado, Texas, Washington State and Mexico.  No LA dates have been announced, but we will ask.

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