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Over the last couple of years, crime against women has increased considerably and the best way to cut down the chances of becoming a victim of these crimes is to ascertain and call on the resources to assist you in the dangerous situations. This is where smartphone apps really come handy, you have easy access to both free and premium versions.

If you are facing a trouble, having these apps on your smartphone will reduce your risks and also bring assistance when you need it. Since, there is a huge variety of apps available out there, making a smart decision can be a herculean task, so here are top 7 personal safety apps for women.

Circle of 6

Using this app, you can build a group of six friends whom you can quickly call whenever you are in danger. The main reason for making this app is to prevent domestic and sexual violence against women. With a simple touch, the app will ping a pre-typed message to all your six friends and contacts along with your requests and your location so that they can easily find you.

Once you have installed the app on your smartphone, ‘+’ signs will let you add six people from your contact list to join your circle. Choose only your closest friends or trusted adults. The ‘pin icon’ suggests come & get me. I need help getting home safely with your GPS coordinates. Phone icon suggests ‘call me’. It will send a text saying Call and pretend you need me; I need an interruption. ‘I’ icon is for helpful links. It will provide direct access to the information related to the sexuality, safety, and relationship.

Available for both for Android and iOS.


Hollaback, Technology, Apps, Safety, Women

Around 80% of the women are harassed on the streets, this app is made to check street harassment. You can upload a photo of the harasser and can submit their story to be recorded and mapped on This will help in sending a signal to the harasser that his image will be shared on a street harassment website and also signals others in the same area where the harassment takes place.  In addition to various websites and apps, Hollaback is also a part of international movement involving various locally-based Hollaback organisations in the leading cities and metropolitan areas in more than 15 nations.

Available for Blackberry, Android, and iOS.


Having a slogan ‘Never Walk Alone’, it is a safety alarm that will send an emergency message to the contacts (chosen by you) with a single click of a button. If you are using the free version, you can have the provision of the safety net of ‘Guardians’ respond to your SOS text message; one guardian (again decided by you) will get a call. The guardians will also receive a text message having a link to a map displaying your location with the help of GPS.

If you are using a subscription version, it will offer you two additional levels of safety – Risk Mode, it shows your position through GPS tracking and Timer Mode with an automatic alarm notification. Key features of the app are –

  • You can set up your own social personal safety network including your colleagues, family members, and friends.
  • Using I’m Here, you can inform the selected people in your location.
  • You have the provision of sharing location so that finding each other is easy.
  • In case you are in danger, the Guardian alert button will alert your contacts that you need help and let them know where you are with the help of GPS and what is happening with the help of a video.

Available for Blackberry, Android, and iOS.

RideSafeRidesafe, Technology, Women, Apps, Safety

With this app, you will have utmost safety while travelling in a cab. This app will automatically detect a deviation in your route to your destination, all you need is to enter your destination and it is not mandatory to take any fixed routes.

The moment you reach your destination; the tracking will stop automatically. With the help of military grade encrypted channels, RideSafe keeps on updating your location on their servers. The app also consumes less battery. Key Features of the app are –

  • Your friends and family members will get a free SMS of your journey.
  • The app will automatically detect any suspicious road activity by the driver of the cab.
  • The app has live-updating link containing your location and information about your route.

Available for Android.

Women Safety App

This app comes handy in informing and updating your near and dear ones about your location. The app will also share two pictures, one with front camera and one with the back camera along with a video or audio clip to their server. A link to the video, audio, and the picture will also be sent to the preconfigured email IDs.

The app has three coloured buttons – Red, Orange, and Green. On the basis of the seriousness of the situation, you can press the buttons. The red button signifies that you are in danger, orange means to stay cautious, and the green one is for sharing your location.


This app functions as a personal security alarm and it smartly incorporates a wide array of personal safety features in one app. This app will alert emergency contacts (selected by you) when you are not in a position to call or text for any reason.

The app is quite easy to use and it also has easy setup. Once you have downloaded the app on your smartphone, you just need to complete three steps including –

  • Arm the app whenever you are in some danger.
  • Set your secret disarm code.
  • Add one or more emergency contacts.

Some of the additional features of the app are –

  • Stealth Activation
  • Battery Depletion Warning (BDW)
  • Device Status monitor


Life 360 Family Locator

This is one of the most popular and best safety apps for women. With the help of this app, you can stay in touch with your family, colleagues, and friends via keeping a close watch on their location. You have the facility to create a circle, and it allows some chosen people to see both your location and confidential maps.

This way, all those people whom you have chosen get to know about your location and make sure you are safe & sound. This app can also be used to recover your phone, but privacy can become a little restricted here.

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