Derek Davis is back with a new solo album, new tours and lots of hard rock fun

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Northern California native Derek Davis began playing drums at the age of 11,then switched to vocals and guitar before he began his professional music career at the age of 15 in the San Francisco Bay Area. But Los Angeles called him in 1989 where he and his newly formed rock band, Babylon A.D.,  caught the attention of Clive Davis who signed the band to a recording contract with Arista Records. That led to two critically acclaimed albums, one of which, Babylon A.D, hit gold, followed by three Top 10 songs on the A.O.R Metal charts. Davis went on to collaborate with other artists like Jack Ponti (Alice Cooper and Bon Jovi), Tom Werman (Motley Crue and Cheap Trick), Taylor Rhodes (Aerosmith), Gene Black (Rod Stewart), and Michael Anthony (Van Halen).  Davis also placed songs in films and TV and recorded eight albums with Babylon A.D., one with his band American Blues Box, and one with the band Moonshine. In 2012, Davis released his first solo album Re-Volt!  to  rave reviews and a great response from fans. He has just release his new solo album Revolutionary Soul! and set live concert dates set with his new band The Revolutionary Souls and with Babylon A.D.


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