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We recently caught up with John Robb who is the boss of one of the UK’s leading music and culture websites, Louder Than War, which has just been turned into a bi-monthly magazine. John fronts the critically acclaimed post punk band The Membranes whose 2015 double album about the Universe, life and death’Dark Matter/Dark Energy’ has been getting great reviews worldwide. He also runs the UK’s leading music and literally festival Louder Than Words and has written several best selling books on the likes of punk rock, The Stone Roses and is working on an upcoming book about the darker side of post punk.

Your 2015 album “Dark Matter/Dark Energy” was wildly acclaimed are there any plans in the works for a follow up? 

Yes! we have most of the songs ready and just looking tor record soon…

You’ve written a variety of books on punk and alternative culture and are currently working on a book about the darker side of post punk, how did this latest title come about? 

I grew up through post punk and I love a lot of the music from that time – I just thought band like Bauhaus and Killing Joke were being undervalued and wanted to turn the spotlight back on them.

You’ve had quite a varied career is there an area of the arts that you haven’t tackled you’ve  been wanting to try? 

I’d love to be able to paint – I can do pretty effective spidery drawings but to be able to paint like Caravaggio would be a dream – imagine being able to paint light!

What do you think is missing in today’s music industry?

Money! its hard for young writers and young bands to survive unless their parent bail them out and I feel sad for kids whose parents can’t bail the out not getting the chance – the talent is there  – so many great young bands and writers.

At Artistic Echoes we are always on the look out for new artists is there anyone you can recommend that we check out? 

Vukovar – amazing band from St. Helens – really off the wall.

Find out more:

Louder Than War: http://louderthanwar.com/

The Membranes: https://www.facebook.com/themembranes

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