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Little Bear, Saloon, Bar, Live MusicAs I walked through the saloon-style doors, the beat of drums & bass reverberated through my feet and up my spine. License plates representing most every state in America covered the rustic wood walls. Women’s braziers of every size & color hung from the ceiling like party streamers. Although Evergreen, Colorado is considered a “sleepy little mountain town”, this little bar is anything but. That night, The Little Bear Saloon ( , was packed with people. Some dancing, but all singing along to the bluesy voice of the handsome singer on stage in front of his jammin’ band with full horn section. From the first note, I was captivated. The music lightened my load of daily burdens and lifted me out of the doldrums where I had settled. I knew at that moment, I would be a fan of this band for life.

Fast forward three decades – I’m a retired mobile DJ, now working as a talent scout for an all-independent American station called Music Mafia Radio ( . Like many true music lovers, I am sick of the cookie-cutter tunes bombarding the mainstream airwaves. It is through my search for extraordinary talent to feature on our indie radio station, that I’m finding a treasure trove of amazing music and I’m excited to be sharing these musical gems with my readers!

These artists aren’t independent because they’re not good enough for mainstream. Quite the contrary. They are exceptional acts that want to maintain the rights to their original songs, as well as the creative freedom to stay true to their musical selves. There is currently an independent music uprising and it’s up to all of us to stand up for the indie artists we love. See them live, share their social media and buy their music. Through my feature articles, I will be sharing the incredible talent I have unearthed in my travels. Including, Chris Daniels & The Kings (  – that first band I fell in love with 30+ years ago. So, stay tuned & join us in this independent music revolution.Kim Karney, Music Mafia Radio, DJ
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