Sonder Festival Saturday – A Wealth Of Musical Talent


On Saturday Thepicturedrome was once again down at Sonder Festival taking photos, he had this to say about the festival

“Maisie Johnson was totally “amaising” as usual. ‘We Signal Fire” would appeal to any Rock fan, across the board whether you were into Death Metal or 80’s hair rock. I did also really love the compering in AATMA by Adam Snape, he should do stand up comedy.”

Here is Saturday at  Sonder Festival in photos to see more head to

Rival Bones

Rival Bones, Sonder Festival, Festival, Rock, Indie, Guitar, Music Gullivers

Rival Bones – photo courtesy of Thepicturedrome

Northwest based rock duo consisting of James Whitehouse and Chris Thomason influenced by bands such as Audioslave, Queens Of The Stone Age and Rage Against The Machine.

Maisie Johnson

Maisie Johnson, Sonder Festival, Festival, Singer, Songwriter, Guitar, Music, Alternative, Indie

Maisie Johnson – photo courtesy of Thepicturedrome

Indie songstress Maisie Johnson, leads with a sassy, seductive, angsty and powerful style and performance. Her debut sing “Honest” is out now.

Sittin’ Pretty

Sittin' Pretty, Festival, Music, Guitar, Sonder, Alternative, Blues,

Sittin’ Pretty – photo courtesy of Thepicturedrome

Sittin’ pretty are a four piece alternative/blues rock band from Bury that are signed to Siddibouard Records. Their debut EP “Rival Bones” is out now.

Coquin Migale
Coquin Migale, Sonder, Festival, Music, Guitar, Alternative, Rock

Coquin Migale – photo courtesy of Thepicturedrome

Coquin Migale are a four piece alternative rock band from Newcastle who are signed to Fierce Panda. Their new single ‘Plans’ is out now.

We Signal Fire
We Signal Fire, Festival, Sonder, Manchester, Guitar, Music, Rock, Alternative,

We Signal Fire – Photo courtesy of Thepicturedrome

We Signal Fire are an alternative rock band from Manchester, drawing on a diverse range of influences from Foo Fighters to Incubus, Mallory Knox, Young Guns and Deftones; the band combine melodic, driving riffs with anthemic choruses and heartfelt lyrics.

The Orchid Hunters

The Orchid Hunters, Festival, Band, Sonder, Music, Manchester, Guitar, Rock, Funk, Grunge, Groove

The Orchid Hunters – photo courtesy of Thepicturedrome

The Orchid Hunters bring high energy grooving grunge, furiously funky riffs and melodic catchy vocals to every gig.

Adam Snape

Adam Snape, Compere, Sonder, Festival, Manchester, Aatama

Adam Snape – photo courtesy of Thepicturedrome


Sertaline, Festival, Sonder, Manchester, Band, Music, Rock, Metal

Sertaline – Photo courtesy of Thepicturedrome

Sertraline are a five peice melodic metal band based in Stoke-on-Trent, their Ep ‘Guilty’ is out now.

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