Maladjusted, the top bilingual US Smiths/Morrisey cover band joins us.

Musica Fusion LA Podcasts

LA-born and based Maladjusted is one of the top Morrissey/Smiths tribute bands in the country.  Formed in the fall of 2011 by a bi-cultural group of musicians with a common passion for the British music sensation and a love of the music created by the late 1980’s band The Smiths and its founder Steven Patrick Morrissey, one of the most influential figures in British indie pop and rock. Maladjusted is one of the most popular of the many Morrissey/Smiths tribute acts in the country, including many Latino bands that honor The Smiths in mariachi and other Latino music forms.  Maladjusted has performed in some of the most important Morrissey/Smiths events in the United States including the world famous Morrissey-Smiths convention held in Hollywood, CA. Maladjusted consist of Edgar Zermeno (Vocals), William Castillo (Bass), Jason Farabaugh (Guitar/Vocals), Ivann Michel (Drums) and Chuy Michel (Guitar.)

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