An Illustrated Guide to Effects Pedals and Pedal Boards

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If you are new to effects pedals, or even if you are an old hand who has been using them for years, the range available today can be really confusing. Since the 1940s, when the first effects pedals began to be used, each new technological advance has brought a new load of effects.

But worry not, we are here to help. We’ve put together a guide to the most commonly used effects pedals, to help you achieve that perfect sound:

Whilst this guide contains all the most common effects, you should also remember that nowadays the range available is huge, and that there are multiple variants of each type of pedal. In addition, stringing together 3, 4, or even 5 pedals can give you truly weird effects, if you can deal with the confusion of adjusting all of them at once.

The trick is to experiment. If you are looking for a particular sound, have a look at which effects pedals your guitar heroes use, and give them a try. On the other hand, it can be worth getting a pedal that is not “traditional” for the type of music you are playing, because an unusual effect will really make your playing stand out.

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