Operatic pop and the best party on the Coast. Charlotte Bash and Afrolicious.

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Los Angeles-native singer/songwriter, Charlotte Bash, began performing at a young age and has sung at numerous venues internationally with the likes of John Mellencamp, Sara Bareilles, Aaron Carter, Marietta Simpson, Sylvia McNair, and Shahkar Bineshpajooh at The Microsoft Theatre at LA Live. She was classically trained as an opera singer at Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music, but when she returned to L.A. she wanted to find her own sound that combined her classical training with the pop music she loved.  The sound she found is a unique musical experience that combines fantasy and reality, as demonstrated in her 2013 release of her coming of age EP, Journey to Me. Her newest project, “Princess Game”  was inspired by the electro indie pop scene coming out of Britain and Australia and is a theatrical journey through sonic landscapes that tell a powerful story.

Afrolicious has established itself as one of the most legendary weekly parties in San Francisco and of the top live/electronic bands on the west coast. Started as a weekly dance party featuring DJ’s and brothers Pleasuremaker and Señor Oz  (Joe McGuire and brother Oz McGuire) alongside percussionists, MC’s and horn players, it has evolved with original music under the alias Afrolicious and a live band.  They have performed at venues like Red Rocks, Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, Electric Forest Festival, Snow Globe, Burningman, Sea of Dreams, and alongside such artists as Thievery Corporation, Jimmy Cliff, Fishbone, Rob Garza, Novalima, J.Boogie, and DJ Smash.  Afrolicious remixes and original productions can be found on labels such as ESL Music, Six Degrees Records, Akwaaba Music, Bagpak Music and more.

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