We Interview Reverbnation Competition Winner Jackie Venson


For those that haven’t heard of you before could you tell us a bit about yourself your story?

My name is Jackie Venson. I have been playing the piano since age 8 and switched to the guitar at age 21. I live in Austin, TX but I tour all of the time so I can be anywhere at any time. My father and brother are also professional musicians and I always had them to look up to and receive great advice. I play a mix of original R&B, Soul, and Rock with some Reggae thrown in. I love it and I’ll never stop!

Your band bios has to be one of the best band bios I’ve read “it is legend that a blistering Jackie Venson guitar solo knocked Pluto straight out of planetary existence”

Thank you.

Who inspired you to get on stage and perform?

My father. I used to watch him do that every weekend at his gigs so I suppose it rubbed off on me

You really seem in your element on stage, always smiling, have you always been confident on stage?

Not always. When I was a kid I was really scared and nervous but as the years passed and I got into my teenage years, I realized that it was no big deal and actually was really fun. Since then I’ve been fine.

Could you tell us a bit about the track that won our ReverbNation competition ‘Flying’?

Yes. I wrote this song a year or so back after working on it for several years. I finally had found a chorus and a verse that I thought sounded good together and could complete the song. As soon as I brought it to the band and began jamming on it, I knew it was complete. The song is about universal love, having love and acceptance for others and yourself.

Just listening to your album live at Strange Brew, I love the energy of live albums, the immediacy, could you tell us a bit about the recording of that album?

That was one of the most special nights I’ve ever experienced. We did a 2 set show on a Sunday night and nearly sold out both sets. It was so great because the energy of each crowd was different and had a different effect on how we played. So fascinating to watch and experience. We ended up taking the songs from each set that we thought was tighter and compiled them into the album. About 60% are from set 2 but those 4 from set 1 proved themselves to be fire so they made it on the album.

At Artistic Echoes we are always on the lookout for new music, is there anyone you can recommend perhaps someone you have played with?

I would definitely recommend checking out The Heavy Metal Crow. Really melodic and beautiful but also dark and deep rock.

What is your proudest moment as a musician?

I would say getting to jam with Buddy Guy on stage at ACL Live The Moody Theater in Austin, TX. He’s one of my heroes so it was a transcendental moment.

How is the tour going?

Really excellently. Some bumps here and there but overall the crowds have been great and the experience has been so fun.

What do you have planned for the rest of the year?

I am releasing my next EP Transcends on Sept 29 but at the same time I’m going into Royal Studios in Memphis, TN to begin recording my next album. I am stoked about this. Other than that more touring. Check jackievenson.com for details and much love to you and yours!

Find out more:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jackievenson
Instagram: www.instagram.com/jackievenson
Twitter: www.twitter.com/jackievenson

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