Hot, hot blues rock and cinematic electronica. Resin and Jackie Venson

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Resin is an L.A.-based music project created by Niko Antonucci, known as Resin. Born and raised in Prague, Resin brings a dark and sexy electronic sound entertwined with unearthly vocals that create a mesmerizing environment of swirling images. Her most recent album, Fidget, represents the evolution of her songwriting and producing capabilities and draws upon influences by Nirvana, PJ Harvey, NIN, Portishead, Gesaffelstein as well as classical music.Resin began playing the piano at 6 and stealing her father’s guitar as a teen. She cut her first demo at 15 and sang in different bands until around 19. She realized at a young age that in order to get the sound she wanted she would need to do it herself and so currently she writes and produces every track on the album. Resin’s music combines sophisticated melodies set against dark yet catchy electronic beats that stick in the listeners head leaving them wanting more.

Jackie Venson is an Austin-based blues guitarist and singer/ songwriter known as a queen of blues with her gorgeous, smoky voice and unreal guitar chops.  A graduate of Berklee College of Music where she studied classical piano, she received a Bachelor of Arts in composition and studio production. Venson started playing the guitar in 2011, during her last year at Berklee. She went on to win numerous awards for her playing and her songs and usually performs her own compositions and records with a three-piece band. When she performs as a solo artist, Venson uses a loop pedal to create a layered sound that fills a venue.  She is on tour now, supporting her latest album,Transcends, due out Sept. 29,  and we will premiere it on the radio in this program.

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