The Dream Team: Jean Rodriguez and Danny Flores’ new project, Coast City.

Musica Fusion LA Podcasts

COAST CITY is the union of Jean Rodriguez, Luis Fonsi’s younger brother  and the Sony Latin artist who produced one of the first ever  bilingual R&B albums in 2005-2006,  and Danny Flores, the incredible piano player, songwriter, producer, arranger, vocal coach and show director and producer whose ability to play many styles and genres has placed him on stages around the world. They produced & worked with huge artists like Prince Royce, Luis Fonsi, Chris Brown, and J Balvin.  Now, as COASTCITY  they are musically creating their own sound derived from their global upbringing, their music culture,and their Latin roots. COASTCITY reflects the new generation of Latinos raised and influenced by American and European cultures who were born in other countries. It’s Salsa and Soul, it’s Funk and electronic, it’s Hip-Hop and Pop, it’s Tropical and indie. It’s coastal vibes with a city attitude.  Their first single, “Noches Y Mañanas” as met with critical acclaim.  They are nowsupporting it with a  tour in the USA.

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