Alt rock and SoulFolk: Late Night Episode and Andy B.AND of Voodudes

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Andy B.AND (aka Andy Bernstein)  has been the primary singer-songwriter for roots rockers The VooDUDES since 1990.  Inspired by Americana and retro soul music, Andy began a solo recording project with Blues Leaf Records producer John “JP” Pittas to co-produce his latest project, My Roots are Showing. Andy B is now bringing the project to life at events with regional and local artists  under the Andy B.AND SoulFolk moniker. He has performed at the Bourbon Street Blues Festival; the Light Of Day Festivals and, the Hub City Music Festival in his hometown of New Brunswick, NJ. His songs range around American roots to the DAP Records-style soul to  AM radio rockers and rockabilly gospel. Whether it is a guitar, a washboard or just his gravel-lined voice, Andy knows how to bring the songs of American together and make them sing. He joins us with new songs .

Alt-rock band Late Night Episode has been praised by Billboard for their signature version of “rowdy rock,” and compared to ‘Kings of Leon’ by The Music Ninja.  No wonder. Their single releases have established a steady online presence that caught the attention of producers Shep Goodman and Aaron Accetta of Dirty Canvas who signed the band in late 2016. That decision paid off for everyone – they are now giving the world a taste of their forthcoming EP with the new video for their latest single, “Golden Age”. To date, the band have released two previous singles, “Talk About Love” and “Swim”, accompanied by a third release of an acoustic demo of “Lost In Cali”. And Late Night Episode is starting to prove their ability to attract audiences from all genres who get their cross-genre high energy vibe.

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