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Esaius’ brand new album ‘Tick Follows Tock’ calls to mind ‘Learn To Fly’ era Foo Fighters but set to a much darker tone drawing on elements of Nirvana and several other 90s bands. It deals with a variety of themes from the duality of modern life whilst dealing with mental health problems, to the feelings of being trapped and the onslaught of social media but there are also attempts at reconciliation and redemption.

Brand New has an upbeat rocky tune, with interesting lyrics “I am everything that has ever existed from the stars that shine to the lowest, I am very old but I feel brand new”. It feels to me a track about persistence and struggle and trying to accept your place. The track has a long if somewhat ominous ending that leads into the next track.

Parallel is more downbeat commenting on the duality of modern life, how sometimes people find themselves living lives in parallel, this could be due to problems with family, mental health anything that leads you to live one private life and one public life. The track reminds me of New York based band The Hold Steady. This track to has an unusually long and ominous outro, which is strange for current musical trends.

Stockholm Syndrome I found that this track took several listens to pick up and is less immediate than the previous two. Things may be OK when everything is said and done but for now you are trapped in a beautiful prism and it’s difficult to leave, sometimes you do not want to leave even though you are struggling through things.

Forever and Eternity has a bit of a poppier rhythm to it, it is more upbeat.  “no rough without smooth just stick with the groove” You can’t really change things you have to accept them and learn to live with them.

Room with a view has a driving rhythm it’s about escaping the busy streets to the country. The quietness, the isolation, getting clean. “We’ll all feel the same in the end.”

Space and time – Deals with themes of reconciliation, if you just have a bit of space and time then eventually, possibly one day you can laugh about the past.

Fallen – fallen uses a lot of repetition vocally and repetitive themes to try and drive the point of the track home.

#Brighteststar – has an intro that could be out of a metal song that transform into a pacey indie number that comments on the current social media obsession and hero worship the cult of celebrity. That someone believes they are the brightest star around.

Happy – brings to mind Oasis and the feelings of not fitting in, somehow attempting to be happy in this world. “I’m Thinking too much so I’ll get drunk or high”

September – closes the album, and touches on many themes of the record completing the story.

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