Great music, lyrics that count and endless creativity: ARI and Chistpher Sluka

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Toronto-born, LA-based ARI heals the  mind with music. Her education is in psychology but her art is in songs that dance in and out of genre lines, moving from pop to gritty hip-hop to electronic. ARI’s songs turns pain into power with visceral lyrics of hope and tragedy. Her sound comes to life in the middle, between the light and dark of life. Her most recent album Tunnel Vision demonstrates that in sound and lyrics. She just released Cattle Call and will premiere Cathartic Release Nov. 14 with a film debut for, a charity that empowers young to revolutionize mental health. During the next several months, ARI will release 6 singles from her EP, Dis-Order in a music and film campaign “Pain Into Power” dedicated to Mental Health Awareness with all show & film screening ticket proceeds to Jack.Org“.

The career of San Diego-based rock artist Christopher Sluka has spanned many different phases, beginning in the rock clubs of New York City’s underground music scene and eventually taking him around the world. While his music is uniquely attuned to the thoughts and melodies living within him, he’s found bits and pieces of influences scattered throughout from artists such as Coldplay, David Bowie, and Radiohead.  His electric-charged live performances are loved by audiences and praised by critics – part of a body of work built on intense dedication to his craft. His newest album, Colorful Radiation  – his 11th — explores the depths of atmospheric rock with hints of bohemian influence and gothic undertones. He joins us this Friday with songs from the new album.

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