Off The Record into Verse – Perception is Everything

Festivals Poetry


Perception is everything,

Hawking my wares on the street,

CD’s, mixtapes,

Giving them out to every stranger I meet.


Perception is everything,

I’m a brand,

I’m well produced,

I’m the one you want to choose.


Perception is everything,

I need to stand out,

I’m not my name, my genre,

I’m the one you want to shout about.


Perception is everything,

Be patient, make it easy,

Grab me, tease me, entertain me,

I’ll tell your story to everyone I see.


Perception is everything,

Send out streams,

That become flowing rivers, raging storms and swirling seas,

My flow stands out notice, me.


Perception is everything,

Tweet once a day,

Deliver a soundbite in a convincing way.

Follow your venues, your studios,

Retweet with an image,

You’ve got an identity a profile to manage.


Perception is everything,

But love what you do,

Don’t let the media machine consume you,

I want to hear you, your sound,

And then get out and see you, live out on the town.


Michael Chisholm


Elizabeth Alker – moderator

Andy Kettle – Steaming Kettle PR

Victorie Turnbull – Silent Radio

Sarah Jamieson – DIY Managing Editor

Shakuntia Joshi – Market Specialist


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