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I’ve done three previous articles for Artistic Echoes that all relate to Indie Music. In the articles, I discuss the importance of supporting the Indie music artists that you discover and enjoy. In this article, I’m going to do just that! I’m sharing specific songs from artists that I’ve discovered and my favorite songs of theirs. I have put together a play list on Apple Music and Spotify. I’ve Named it Ricks Indie Playlist 1 and I’ve Made it public.

This article will include eight songs because I’ve always considered 8 to be my lucky number. I’m a Libra so you can easily see the balance in the number 8! This article features artists that are from the area where I live in the Midwest of USA or they have ties to the area. I’ll branch out more with another 8 down the road. So here are a few of my favorites and nothing here is genre specific.

Song One is ‘Pendulum Swing’ by Making Movies. These guys are uniquely entertaining. Their conga player added percussion on a couple of songs for my band on an album we released back in 2013. They had just released the album ‘A La Deriva’. They recently played a house concert at a friend of mines and it was a whole lot of fun. They are a talented, creative and fun group of guys!  Making Movies is an American rock and roll band that entrances audiences with their interweaving of Afro-Latino rhythms and psychedelic rock’n’roll riffs. The band’s political idea is straightforward enough that they can express it in four words: “We are all immigrants.”

Find Making movies at

Song two is ‘Early Train’ is by Sons of The Great Dane. I couldn’t find this one on Spotify but it is on Apple music. They are from the Kansas City area so that’s probably why I found these guys! Never met them, but I listened to their song ‘Early Train’ and instantly liked it! Sons have opened for national touring acts such as Blind Pilot, Heartless Bastards, and Frank Turner

Song three is ‘Special Kind of Blue’ by Erik Karlsson. Erik lived in the Kansas City area when I met him and now hails from Austin Texas area. I ran into Erik often while he was living in the area and I always asked him to play this song whenever I saw him. He probably expected that whenever he saw me that I would be asking him to play ‘Special Kind of Blue’. I got the opportunity to sing it with Erik at a backyard concert I hosted one year. The lyrics are so fun and this song sticks to me like super glue! Erik Karlsson’s folk-rock songs are stories about worlds that could be inhabited by you or by me, by the person sitting beside you or the neighbor across the street.

Find Erik at

Song four is ‘Your Touch’ by Andrea Hamilton. Andrea went to high school with my daughter. We met when my daughter gave Andrea my contact info to help her record a demo around the time she was preparing for life after high school. She’s done a lot since then musically and is a touring musician now. The song ‘Your Touch’ makes me want to dance! For Andrea Hamilton, music has always equalled healing. Andrea began touring as a professional musician at age 16 after winning one of GMA’s Best New Song awards. She immediately made it her mission to inspire hope through uplifting pop music. After taking a two-year break to battle for her own physical health, her mission to reach those who need hope-filled music is even stronger.

Find Andrea Hamilton at

Song five is ‘Paradise’ by Nicolette Paige. Here’s another artist from the Kansas City area. Nicolette is an artist I’ve run into many times and have always enjoyed her music. I had a chance to play a little conga on this song at a backyard concert while Nicolette performed ‘Paradise’. She released this album in 2012. The song has a reggae feel which immediately mellows your mood. When a song or an artist can do that it’s always a good thing. “If Ani DiFranco, Jack Johnson, and the Indigo Girls commanded the stage at a world music lovefest, Paige would be the up-and-coming guest artist invited to come on stage and perform feel-good music with a thought-provoking message. And the crowd would dig it. ”Pete Dulin – Present Magazine

You can find Nicollete at

Song six is ‘Life (California Radio Mix)’ by Chris Floyd. Chris is an artist that spent some time in the Midwest. I never actually got to meet Chris or see him perform while he was here. I heard about Chris from other artists in the area and connected with him through various social and musical sites. He is a multi-instrumentalist and has a lot of great music. This song wraps up a lot of truths about life. In a line from this song Chris sings ‘Keep an eye on your attitude, cause a good one can pull you through’. Now that’s right in line with my philosophy.  Chris has been described as an American songwriter & Americana. His music has been appreciated by artists, songwriters, producers and record companies which speaks for itself.

Catch Chris at

Song seven is ‘Cowtown’ by Flint Grey. This song is undeniably American Midwest inspired. One line in the song is ‘Born in a Cowtown, raised on bull’. Ain’t that the truth! I went to college with one of the members of the band so that’s how I learned of these guys. He introduced me to their album ‘Parsons’ with this song on it. The whole album was fun and you can see the influences of artists like John Prine, Wilco, Son Volt, Grateful Dead, Warren Zevon, Leo Kotkke & Ryan Adams. Flint Gray is a collaboration band, meaning they get together and do gigs etc. but they also do other projects as well.

You can learn more about Flint Grey at

Song eight is ‘Windswept’ by Amy Saia. This is an extremely talented songstress. She’s sings, plays, writes books and paints! I’m trying to be like her when I grow up, but I haven’t written a book yet! Maybe one day! Amy and I played at a songwriter gig where we were both performing. I’d heard her music before I met her. It’s easy to tell what I liked about her music when you hear this song. Amy has been compared to Aimee Mann, Joni Mitchell & Lucinda Williams. She fuses alternative rock and poetry with her own mix of lightning and grace.

You can lean more about Amy Saia at

So that’s a wrap for my 1st edition of Discover Indie Music. I hope you’ll check out these artists and seek finding indie music you like. There is a lot of great indie music out there. I’m always searching and I hope you are too. I also hope through my articles that you realize why indie artists need your support. Without your support there will be a lot of great music that never gets recorded.

If you haven’t read my other articles here is a link.

You can also visit my website at where I will have links to all the articles I’ve written. Cheers!

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