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Phoenix, AZ based JADE has made the move to LA after commuting almost 400 miles every week to record and perform.  The product of this move is “Pink” an EP that symbolizes the end of an era for Jade, who has now come to embrace the contradictions that used to confound her. She says, “PINK is where I landed after going through the phases of growing up and changing to accept myself.” Basically, she had “hated” the color pink her whole life because it was “too girly.” One day she realized, “I’m pretending I don’t like it, all because I want some stuck up ahole to think I’m cool? No way. Now I want pink everything.” It took her writing and recording all the songs of the EP and exploring all the different phases and mindsets to realize a new acceptance for who she is. Where she is is an accomplished musician with over 100K views of her songs and thousands of shares and comments and a new single “Find A place”.  She has found a place, in the music crucible of Los Angeles and apparently it suits her fine.

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