YouTube Highlight’s – Video Of The Year – In a Heartbeat


So it’s nearly the end of 2017 and over the last year thousands and even millions of videos have uploaded to YouTube. However, for me a video that really struck accord with me was the short film In A Heartbeat.

There were a lot of contenders, from ASMR related videos to honest accounts about issues, situations and experiences that can go so far to helping other people. The reason I choose this short film, created by Canadian students Beth David and Esteban Bravo, was that to have something so sweet, heart-warming and intriguing with LGBT characters at the central, was very empowering. We need more examples of LGBT characters to be given real love stories and not be stereotyped or fall foul to the ‘bury the gays’ storyline tool that can be too often used.

The film is beautifully developed and animation, with a score that conveys all the emotional intent without need of any dialogue. To be something developed by students that is so well appreciated and spread outside of the university walls, just shows how progressive the future generations could be. YouTube itself is a very good platform for creative students and is why I also wanted to nominate it because without the success it might just have been seen by a few people and we shouldn’t disregard something just because its been a student project.

Consequently, what was also good was the number of videos that were created because of it. These included many reaction videos from LGBT couples and a channel that is known for it’s videos of kids and the elderly reacting to popular videos. Videos that displayed the cross-generational acceptance of LGBT love that is and be consistently accepted.

I nominate it because for some young kid out there looking for something to help understand and validate who he or she is, this video will go a long way to help start that process.

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