Happy music! Aubrey Logan (with trombone) and Sheldon Botler (with grin)

Music Friday Live! Podcasts

Aubrey Logan is jazz, soul, rock and very funny. Sporting a trombone, she pulls off sassy, in a way totally unique in the music world. A graduate of Boston’s renown Berklee College of Music and winner of the top vocal competitions at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, Aubrey is at home in a recording studio, on stage with a symphony orchestra, in an intimate club with her own ensemble or in a classroom teaching kids. Or in a weight room getting buff. A Seattle native who makes her home in Los Angeles, she tours the world and headlines jazz festivals from Boston to Bakersfield. She is putting the final touches on a new album with lots of pop influences and elements of the jazz she has loved all her life.

Seattle native Sheldon Botler combines music and photography in his adopted home,  Los Angeles, a city with a lot of room for both. His music is renowned for being, well, happy. He just knows how to make people feel good. He writes and sings and produces songs that are a high energy smile and he moves from soul to folk to Hip Hop to jazz, to Electronic and around to pop. With eight releases out, it is easy to see how he fulfills his mission to help people reconnect with their internal joy… and have fun doing it.”

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