Q&A: Introducing Songdew Competition Winners Fame The Band


For those readers that have not heard of you before could you tell us a little bit about yourselves; your story?

All of us grew up on common grounds in a small town in Meghalaya, India. Music has always been a strong background in the family and a bond between ourselves. Four years ago, Fame The Band started playing together but only concluded that that’s the only part of our lives that we wanted to nurture together. That realisation… was two and a half years later. That’s what we’ve been focused on right now – our own creations. Since the mid of 2016 things have turned for the better (not to say it’s not tougher) when we decided to move to Bombay. We’re “Bombay-based” band from the Northeast. And our goal is to pave a way for the young(er) ones in our town (Tura), to go chase those dreams. Back in our dads’ days these possibilities were crushed. And it’s sad to say some parents still don’t let their children live. It’s 2018 and it better be good.

Who inspired you to get on stage and perform?

Nobody pushed us in doing the whole band life full-time. We got ourselves into this. There’s not a lot right now but it is peaceful knowing that we are starting to live that one dream we all shared. It was our own hopes and dreams that got us here. It was our beloved parents that supported our decisions and the people who love us and what we do, that’s going to take us higher and higher over the years. And we wouldn’t want to stop.

Which artists would you say have really influenced your sound?

We’ve been listening to so much music over this lifetime and we think we’re still young so there’s a lot of room for us to shape our music in another direction or to a sound thats different from what we’re making now. Can’t really say who has influenced our sound. There are lots of bands and artists that have opened our minds to different music. So I guess we can’t just name four or five.

Where do you draw inspiration for your lyrics?

The songs that we come up with are just expressions of the different emotions we go through everyday. Sometimes a brush of wind or the stars in the sky can give a lot if you listen close enough.

Fame The Band an alternative pop rock band from Bombay

Fame The Band by Ashwyn Warrier

Is it the lyrics that come first or the melody or a riff, how do your songs come together?

It works all ways. Sometimes the words hit you first, other times a tune is enough to speak for us.

You released your first album “Nouns” could you tell us a bit about the writing and recording of that album?

Nouns is a collection of songs that we’ve written over the years. It expresses the different emotions and phases; some darker than the rest.

We first recorded the album in the month of February 2017 at True School of Music, Mumbai with 30 hours in our hands for winning Mood Indigo Livewire, 2016. The recording seemed a little too rushed, so we re-recorded some more at Benchmark Studios in Thane around August, the same year. Our first debut album was then released in the month of October.

What is the most interesting venue you have performed at?

For us, Strawberry Fields has been the most memorable venue. We have performed there twice and received an overwhelming response on both times. Our latest performance there was in December of 2017, during our album tour, when we co-headlined the event. It was an unforgettable experience as the crowd sang and danced along to our songs. Easily the best crowd we have performed for, till date.

Fame The Band an alternative pop rock band from Bombay Winner of our Songdew Competition

Fame The Band by Ashwyn Warrier

Here at Artistic Echoes we are always on the look our for new artists, do you have anyone you would recommend we check out?

There are so many new artists out there and all of them are really amazing. Asked to choose one, Skylevel would be one we are very familiar with. A math rock band from Meghalaya, we have been really impressed by their music whenever we have got the opportunity to watch them live.

What plans do you have for 2018?

There are so many things we want to do in 2018. A video coming up. Another tour. The possibilities are endless. Most of all, we want to get our music out to more of the people around the world.


Fame The Band’s Album Nouns is available from https://www.fametheband.com/media

Find Out More:

Songdew: https://songdew.com/fametheband
Website: https://goo.gl/3E2GTR
Facebook: – https://goo.gl/aRHVZr
Instagram: https://goo.gl/qzxxLo
Twitter: https://goo.gl/96Gkm4

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