Happy Birthday – Writers Spotlight : David Jackson


Hello there, David here, the writer behind YouTube highlights. I’m here today to chat little bit about Artistic Echoes and writing for them.

Artistic Echoes has brought together several contributors to make something that is very communitive and collaborative. Allowing us writers to focus on our passions and covering different areas to create a wide-ranging set of articles and features. For me Artistic Echoes has been a chance for me to keep up my writing and help develop it further in terms of article writing. I also found that I wanted to be able to share some of the great content that YouTubers have created over the years.

The articles I’ve written and videos I’ve highlighted have varied, including short films, reaction videos, vlogs, challenges, political speeches and issues, and gaming. The area that was important for me to highlight is the amount of honest, issue led videos, which I think has been one of the key elements of YouTube since its creation. These videos allow for a very special intimate connection between viewer and creator. Seeing someone talking about issues such as coming out stories, mental health and insecurities can be effective in reaching out to those in similar situations.

It probably hasn’t gone unnoticed how several articles centre around LGBT themed videos or creators. This has been a great opportunity for me to promote this content and creators that might get overlooked, especially in light of the recent ‘restricted mode’ controversy around LGBT videos being hidden in this mode that a lot fo schools and families will use.

Artistic Echoes has been good for me and I’m sure many others and hopefully it will continue to grow for a long time.

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