An experienced master and an emerging artist. Leslie Mandoki and Parker Matthews

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Parker Matthews is an emerging pop singer with a troubled past but a bright future. Matthews learned early the realities of growing up different, struggling with depression, bullying and suicidal thoughts.  But, inspired by the music of Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, and Lady Gaga, he developed his innate talent for songwriting and performing. He released his first single Lost with You to critical acclaim. He has now emerged not only as a popular pop singer who spreads positivity and courage through his music and lyrics, but  as an advocate for suicide prevention and anti-bullying, supporting The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and LGBTQ. He has released his second single,  Hit and Run and a new video.

Budapest-born Leslie Mándoki  is a German-Hungarian musician with a long career as a musician, producer, music director and band leader. He studied drums and percussion in Budapest in the early 1970s while he led the jazz-rock group JAM. In 1975, he fled from Hungary to avoid prosecution by the communist government. He has worked as a producer for  Phil Collins, Lionel Richie and Jennifer Rush among others. He also worked as a commercials musical director for Audi, Daimler and Disney and served as Musical Director for the Volkswagen Group. He performed on television including with the supergroup Soulmates  in the television show “50 years of rock” on ZDF.  Since then, the Man Doki Soulmates project has released 10 albums.

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