Two remarkable women with music and stories to tell. Cuesta Loeb & Cusi Coyllur

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NYC native Cuesta Loeb comes from a family of musicians — the world-renown jazz guitarist Chuck Loeb and Spanish singer-songwriter/actress Carmen Cuesta. Growing up between the US and Spain, she studied classical flute and bassoon and played in orchestras, she was  never able to find her voice in classical music. In 2015, she moved to Los Angeles and began experimenting in her own songwriting and production inspired by Green Day, The Smashing Pumpkins, Fiona Apple, and (early) Sheryl Crow, She found her home, combining her love of dark, haunting melodies with dreamy, ethereal instrumentation and vocals with everything from acoustic ukuleles to Shoegaze-heavy guitars. She linked up with guitar player/producer, Blake Straus and they are recording the band’s debut record, to be released this summer. Together with her sister Lizzy, she performing the live Cuesta Loeb shows.

Cusi Coyllur is the name of an Inca princess. It is also the stage name taken by the indefatigable Shannen Roberts,  experimental pianist, singer and mental health advocate.  With a huge vocal range, superb piano chops and the willingness and ability to go beyond the borders of pop/jazz music , Coyllur creates music that has been featured in Huff Post, Ms. Magazine and Madame Gandhi’s “The Future is Female” Spotify playlist.  Her latest single and music video, “amivulnerable?”,  is a dance interpretation of domestic abuse and comes with a free zine in collaboration with her blog The Strange is Beautiful. She is also a healing yoga instructor, publisher of The Strange is Beautiful Alternative Self-Help Guide and has hosted live Instagram talk about her arthritis, IBS and mind obstacles and the struggles of other artists.

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