From East Texas blues to NYC party rap: Ally Venable and Kendra Black

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NYC pop artist, actress and dancer Kendra Black has recently released her album The Edgeproduced by LA’s Trend Def Studios and co-written with Nick Nittoli and Lachi.  The single from the album, ‘Rude’ features Snoop Dogg . Kendra, who trained in conservatories in France and Milan, Italy,  has performed in France, Monte-Carlo, Italy, Egypt, U.S. and the Caribbean.  She is currently scheduled to appear on the Richmond International Music and Film Fest in Virginia and at the BMI All Stars Showcase in Queens, New York City.   Never one to stand still, she has appeared in numerous roles in New York Film Academy productions, and on Nickelodeon TV Channel, plus she designed and launched her own line of sportswear.

At eighteen Ally Venable became the East Texas Female Guitarist of the year, and then came back and won again in 2015.  Venable starting singing at an early age in church and then picked up the guitar, found her passion and became s a protégé of six-string blues guitar legend Lance Lopez.  Now the lead singer and guitarist for her own band she  has ignited excitement throughout the Modern Blues Scene.  Venable’s songwriting, guitar playing and onstage performance blow away both live audiences and her record fans.  She has assembled the Ally Venable Band  of top notch multiple instrumentalists including bassist Bobby Wallace and classically trained musician and drummer, Elijah Owings, known as the backbone of their Modern Rockin’ Blues sound.  Together, this trio has won the 2015 , 2016 and 2017  East Texas Music Awards Blues Band of the Year and has just released the new CD, Puppet Show.

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