Q&A: ReverbNation Competition Winner Courteous Thief


Who inspired you to get on stage and perform?

Originally i guess it was Nirvana. Bit of a weird one i know coming from an indie folk artist but I remember a friend of mine listening to them, I heard the unplugged album and loved the whole thing then started listening and watching videos of them at Reading Festival. At the time we had started our first band and obviously it included a lot of Nirvana covers but we never played live together and I’m not sure we even had a name to be honest.
Before that I had already started writing and it was a bit later when I started listening to David Grey and The Seahorses that I started to change how I was writing and I decided I wanted to share my music with a wider audience.

What do you do to make your performances unique, to stand out?

Well I’m not the most talkative of people on stage although I do like a bit of banter.
I think its the emotion I try to bring to a performance, Its different at every venue and with every crowd but emotion plays a big part for me.

Could you tells us a bit about the writing/recording of the ReverbNation competition winning track Rest My Bones?

Actually the track was written about the time when I was young and David Grey had just brought out the White Ladder album which is still amazing to day and completely timeless. We lived in a small village, we had no jobs and I used to go round to my mates house after lunch time and we would listen to that album whilst having a drink etc. So the track is mainly about those times, there is also a little reference to a David Grey Song in the Chorus too.

Courteous Thief With Guitar

Where do you draw inspiration from for your music?

From many places really but the main stand out artiste are Damien Rice, Laura Marling, Mumfords, David Grey, Ben Howard, Katie Tunstal. All these artists are amazing to me and have all inspired me in some way.

What is the most interesting venue you have performed at?

I think It has to be a venue I played not long ago in Llandudno, North Wales called the Tabernacle. Its a chapel that is no longer used and I was asked by a local CIC company called CEG who were putting on gigs in there if I would like to come and play. It was one of the best places I have had the Pleasure to play, almost like a smaller version of the Albert hall in Manchester, you could hear a pin drop and the acoustics were just amazing.

What do you think is missing from today’s music industry?

I think we are missing more venues these days, especially ones that are dedicated to be being a music venue as a lot of places have been closing down over the last few years. This can obviously be put down to a great many things but it seems there a fewer places now for musicians to showcase themselves to an audience that’s come to listen and in turn I think i hinders the artists development.
The second thing is, I really think streaming services should pay a lot more than they do. With a lot of musicians, myself included, a lot of monies that we earn from different streams of revenue will go straight back into making and recording new music but its just not possible with streaming revenue. When a few thousand streams amount to a Mars bar and maybe a can of coke, there isn’t much left to re invest into making new music. I hope thats one thing that changes at some point.

Here at Artistic Echoes we are always on the look out for new artists do you have anyone you can recommend?

YES I do.
Sera. Great folk/Americana Singer/songwriter
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Serasongs
Were also on the same label. you can find her here https://www.cegrecords.com/sera

What plans do you have for the rest of the year?

I’m back in the studio in September but I already have a couple of new releases planned this year. One will be a free download for a limited time and will be available soon (Watch out on social media) and I have something a bit different coming up too called “Take Me Higher” which will be part of a new ep, release dates on the way with some live shows too.

Facebook: www.fabook.com/courteousthief
Twitter: www.twitter.com/courteousthief
Instagram: www.instagram.com/courteousthief
Website: www.courteousthief.co.uk

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