The Marias and Julia del Palacio – plus a dropin by Rob Morrow.

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Dr. Julia del Palacio is one of those remarkable people who can excel in three fields simultaneously, in her case history,  music,  and  arts administration.  She is an historian, a vocalist, a dancer, and an administrator on the staff of the Kupferberg Center for the Arts at Brooklyn’s Queens College.  She sings and dances as part of the NYC-based jarocho band Radio Jarocho with Zenen Zeferino and is bringing us their latest album, Rios Norte Y Sur.  Music unites all of her  endeavors, especially the  jarocho music from Veracruz and the zapeadado dance that she performs.  She is the perfect guide  to take us through the magic of jarocho music as it has taken root and evolved in the Estádos Unítos  and the music of Rios Norte y Sur album.

The Marías are the psychedelic-soul lovechild of LA native Josh Conway and Puerto Rican-bred, Atlanta-raised María Zardoya. Formed in Los Angeles in 2016, they deliver a smooth fusion of jazz percussion, hypnotic guitar riffs, smoke-velvet vocals and nostalgic horn solos in a sensual funk/ lounge environment they magically create on stage and in the studio.  With María on lead vocals and Josh on drums, the couple is joined by three of their closest friends and fellow musical commune members: Jesse Perlman on guitar;  Carter Lee on bass and Edward Jame on keys. Together they create seamless dance melodies that combine synthetic and analog tones, weaving in an old-school, vintage aesthetic with a progressive touch that mesmerizes crowds and flows in layered yet minimalist recordings.

Rob Morrow is an actor, director, tv star and a great guitar player.  He joins us with his  new single, “The New Face” and talk aboaut his appearance on the upcoming City of Hope telecast with his band the RMB.

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