From erotic feminine power to Texas nu-cumbia. Alezzandra and El Dusty.

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Alezzandra uses her music, her body, her visual talent, and her mind to deliver messages that are sophisticated, yet simple and powerful. Born and raised in Sweden with a Serbian background and now living in LA, Alezzandra is an international recording artist and a producer who  creates a  female empowerment narrative through razor sharp lyrics, hypnotic rhythms, poetry,  and provocative eroticism.   And she delivers it all with a voice that knows few equals.   Alezzandra’s music unfurls her deepest secrets and darkest fantasies, peeling painful, sensual layers away in her full video EP, The Black Rose. ? Her songs B ad Woman is a masterpiece of provocative melody and lyrics.  She is truly a Bad Girl in Heaven and A Good Girl in Hell.  Which is why she won the LA Music Critic Award for early 2018 for Best Ep, Female.

Raised and rooted in Corpus Christi, Texas, producer, DJ, and nu-cumbia pioneer El Dusty translates the Southern Texas border experience into new barrio anthems. His self-taught approach, drawing from a crate digging and a turntablist tradition links Latin classics with the new generation of bass-heavy soundsystem and hip-hop cultures. Critical acclaim has hailed El Dusty as Rolling Stone’s 10 New Artists You Need to Know and a  Grammy nomination came last year.  He is in demand at venues across the country for live gigs and collaborative projects with new wave Latin artists like Ana Ba´rbara, Toy Selectah, Erick Rinco´n of 3BallMTY, MLKMN, DJ Buddha, and more.  Without a doubt, El Dusty is one of the artists who will shape the future of music.

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