Guitarist Rob Bonfiglio and rising talent El Feeling

Music Friday Live!

Rob Bonfiglio is a guitarist, songwriter, producer, and musical director who first gained national prominence in the mid ‘90s as a founding member of RCA recording act Wanderlust. He scored a radio hit on the Billboard charts with “I Walked” and landed prime opening gigs for The Who, Collective Soul and others. Since relocating to Los Angeles in 2001, Rob has become a critically acclaimed solo artist with 4 solo albums to date, and his fifth, Trouble Again, has just been released. Rob also tours with and the musical director for multi-platinum selling pop group Wilson Phillips and produced their most recent album, Dedicated.  Rob also plays with other L.A. based artists and his songs are heard in television, commercials, and films, including Disney’s 2008 release, Bridge to Terabithia.

El Feeling is a Los Angeles-based band founded in 2016 that mixes Latino folk rhythms with alternative style influenced by rock and pop, using folk instruments such as accordion, guitar, tambora and flute de millo, and electronic elements. Members of El Feeling  — Carolina Cobo, Carlos Hernan-Ch, Sergio Aldana, Diego Torres-Cantu, and Marco Echeverría — come from Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico, blending their home nation sounds, cultures and rhythms into a fusion of musical ideas that resonates with any audience.  El Feeling are Rock & Roll flavored with Latin spice and  a style that can go beyond the Latin audience. Although their lyrics are in Spanish in in the future may also be in English .Their latest song, #Parrapa,  is cumbia rock with a little rumba, and designed to make people get up and dance. (photos by Mariangela and Juan Nader)

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