New Orleans zydeco and classic ballads reimagined for today’s ears

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Sean Ardoin is a fourth-generation Creole accordion whiz with a serious pedigree in Louisiana’s Creole tradition but with musical ideas of his own. He jumps out of out of the traditional box and create new music, influence by the likes of Earth Wind and Fire and Kiss to Fishbone and Bob Marley, which he listened to as a kid, along with the old-school music. He is a guardian of the Creole culture, but a new genre innovator too. Ardoin calls the new genre, Kreole Rock and Soul, a roots-based sound that embraces and incorporates contemporary pop and classic rock. He lays it down on Kreole Rock and Soul to be released September 14, an album he has filled with tasty accordion licks, catchy songs, and a brash, upbeat attitude that inspires as it persuades you to get up and dance.

British music producer and singer Mark Kingswood has performed thousands of times around the world for over the decade. His original songscover everthing  from love, to family, to the  challenges just living. His personal musical style is inspired by the great crooners of the last century, but he reinvents this timeless musical genre for today’s ears and performs it with a confident stage presence born of years of experience while retaining his fiery youthful energy. With a vocal range that extends over several octaves, a distinctive voice and the deep, rich sound of a live orchestra plus his British charm, he brings a fun, young and modern twist to big band and jazz music.

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