Been jilted? Eight Tunes You Need On Your Breakup Playlist


BetterCharlie Millikin

Charlie Millikin, Music, Acoustic

Charlie Millikin picked up a guitar when he was 18 and never looked back. His silky smooth voice is a requested fave here at MMR and he is a must-see live performer, as he incorporates looping into his shows that would make that Ed guy proud. In this song, Charlie reminds you that you’re better off without them and no matter how down you are about the loss in your life, by the end of this song you’ll be feeling a whole lot Better.

With YouFacing West

Facing West, Music, Acoustic

Caitlin and Sydney Powell, the talented sister duo from Denver are fairly new to the music scene, but they boast a collective social media following of over 250,000, 2.5 million video views and almost 2 million streams on Spotify. Known for their impressive cover videos, Facing West has outdone themselves with their original music. Our pick for our #Jilted playlist is their 2016 release, “With You”. Don’t let the song title fool you – they’d rather be with no one than with you. Facing West puts into song, what so many of us feel, after the relationship ends.



So LongStolen Rhodes

Stolen Rhodes, Music

New Jersey’s Stolen Rhodes, whose name came about because a band member had his Rhodes keyboard stolen, has a couple songs that would be a great addition to your #Jilted playlist. We had to go with “So Long”, off their Bend With The Wind album released in 2016 because it really is the ultimate go-to-hell tune we all need to get us motivated to say sayonara for good.



Heartache In My BonesMatt Rouch & The Noise Upstairs

Matt Rouch & The NMatt Rouch & The Noise Upstairs, Music, Countryoise Upstairs, Music, Country

Sometimes you just want someone to commiserate with and this song does just that. You know when you hear the lyrics, that Matt and the guys know exactly what you’re going through. Matt Rouch and his four-piece band, have found local success, being named Best Country Band in Denver in 2018 by 303 Magazine. Their amazing new single, “Already Yours” was released on August 4th and their new EP is scheduled for release on August 25th. So, sing along with Matt Rouch & The Noise Upstairs to help heal that broken heart.


I Don’t Need You Anymore Jim Camacho

Jim Camacho, Music, Acoustic

The poignant lyrics and sweet sincerity of this Jim Camacho tune will not only be a comfort, but will also be an inspiration as you move on and close the door to the past.  Jim will be releasing a new 6 song original EP soon, along with his brother and former bandmate John. Among Jim’s biggest projects, is the January 2018 Season launch of the 5 segment series “Adventures in Songwriting”. In each segment, Jim works with an artist or group to create a new song and at the end of the series, Jim will be releasing an EP of the songs created.



Lying In BedKickstand Jenny

Kickstand Jenny, Music, Rock

Let’s face it, most break-ups happen because somebody lied. Kickstand Jenny has apparently had a mate full of falsehoods, as demonstrated by this rockin’ break-up anthem. This Florida-based band has been busy this summer, doing numerous live shows for their legions of fans. So, stop your crying and go to a live show near you and turn that frown upside down!




Camryn, Music, Pop,

Camryn’s feisty F-off pop anthem is a must-have on every #Jilted playlist. This tune will have you shakin’ and shimmying no matter where you are and swearing off that bad boy forever. If you think Camryn’s hanging at home nursing a broken heart – think again.  While on tour, In 2013, Camryn showcased “Lovesick,” performing it for radio stations and on TV shows across the continent. The largest audience was on May 8, 2013, when Camryn performed for over 36,000 people at the Stockholm Friends Arena in Sweden. In Verona, Italy, on May 19, Camryn was caught on top of the historic Arena di Verona with the One Direction boys on syndicated tabloid TMZ.



AnymorePrettier Than Matt

Prettier Than Matt, Muisc

It’s natural to be pissed off, confused and angry after being dissed, but it’s also natural to feel really sad. Sometimes you need a painfully poignant song to start putting those memories behind you. The sorrowfully-sweet voice of Jessica Skinner lends a soulful and sentimental tone to the song that’s sure to ease your breaking heart.


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