Bluedot Festival – Day 1 – The Wonders of the Blue Planet


Bluedot Festival fuses together music, science, arts and culture in an intergalactic melting pot, this was nowhere more evident than on the Thursday night of Bluedot when the Hallé Orchestra took to the stage for Blue Planet in Concert. The Lovell Telescope towered over the main stage, as the Hallé Orchestra performed pieces from the world renowned television show. This was set against a backdrop of remarkable footage and it was transformed into a dramatic silent movie by the orchestra, led capably by the conductor who’s introductions were both humorous and thought provoking.

This year Bluedot Festival moved to a four day format for the first time and the while Hallé Orchestra may have headlined the Thursday night there was plenty of music to keep those that came early entertained.

Mark Simpson from The Happy Soul kicked things of on the Roots Stage with a bit of blues in the sunshine tackling topics as diverse as politics, religion and the future. Followed by the sumptuous harmonies of Robbie Cavanagh and his band as they sang a mixture of country, Americana and folk songs. Izzie Walsh was definitely a highlight of the Roots Stage on Thursday evening performing bluegrass Americana with a swagger that evoked the man in black himself; Johnny Cash and I for one wouldn’t be surprised if we see them moving up festival bills in the future.

Izzie Walsh, Bluedot Festival, Roots Stage, Country, Music

Izzie Walsh – Bluedot Festival 2018 – Roots Stage

Next I headed to the main stage to catch ‘Filming Blue Planet 2 : BBC in conversation with the British Antarctic Survey’ to hear all the hidden stories behind the show including a tale of Percy and his Castle. The fish would carry clams back to his castle (a specially shaped bit of coral) to crack them open thus showing fish do use tools. Also it was interesting to hear how surprised they were that the episode about the amount of plastic in our oceans had such a profound impact and was even discussed in the house of commons.

I took a quick break to sample the culinary delights of Bluedot Festival and there was a plethora of options available from Paella to Fish and Chips, Haggis to Thai Food. With food to suit any mood I tucked into a tasty Lamb and Mint Pie.

Laura Misch was on just before the headline set from the Hallé Orchestra and she performed a unique set of Jazz Electronica looping various instruments and fusing different musical styles to make a unique soundscape. Her songs covered a variety of topics from childhood to people being an environment in themselves and hopefully if they saw themselves that way then they could relate to the environment we live in better.

After the stunning Blue Planet in Concert I retired to my tent to sit and watch the stunning display that was on the Lovell Telescope. Marcus Lyall created a piece called MegaStructure which draws inspiration from the hypothesized me alien mega structure that lies in the Cygnus constellation.


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