Mike Bauer Tells It Like It Is In His New Single – “The Truth About Happiness”


“This was a very fun track to both write and record,” says Los Angeles-based, Mike Bauer, of his new single to officially be released worldwide on September 7, 2018. “The rhythm section (bass, drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar) were all recorded at the same time via live tracking. Anyone who is nerdy and into music production will hopefully appreciate that little tid bit,” he says.

“Everybody searching for love. That special, shiny, and gleaming. Fantasize what they want. Refuse to face up to reality”, Bauer musically preaches in his silken voice, intertwined with that smooth, jazzy accompaniment. He wrote the lyrics with producer/keyboardist, Adam Berg and the legendary, Richard Rudolph.

Mike Bauer, LA. Music, Soul, Pop

Bauer isn’t your ordinary independent artist. By day he is a Deputy District Attorney for L.A. County and by night, he’s creating & performing his unique brand of preppy soul with some of the most brilliant artists and producers in the world today. Coming from a musically influenced household, his grandfather tapped and sang on “The Lawrence Welk Show” throughout the 1950s (Larry Dean), his father was a big band singer (David Bauer), and his sister is a professional cellist (Alisha Bauer).

Earlier this year, Bauer released two new singles, “I Am Her” – a poignant and heartbreaking tribute to his late mother (look for a #SongStories Feature right here on MMR coming soon!), and “Learn“, the soulful tune that stands up to any R&B classic. Find out more about Mike Bauer and where you can catch him performing live in the Los Angeles area, on his website MikeBauer.org and be sure to add his songs to your Spotify playlist and share!

Follow Mike Bauer on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6WVlhAlmeMEF5ItQOBijRC?si=X_1paypmSCuCplAFUfJ5Ew


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